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Party Quirks is an Acting Improv game.


  • 1 host
  • 3-6 guests
  • 1-4 components of a door
  • variable number of package deliverypersons


One person is chosen to be the host of the party, and said person runs out of earshot of the group. The group then nominates around five people to be guests at the party. A door and doorbell are also constructed out of people, who can make the door as complicated as they wish, as long as they can actually perform said complicated act of doormanship. Then, nominated guests all walk into the middle, where suggestions are then made by the group or the guests themselves about quirks they should act out. An example of a quirk is "Thinks he's a toaster" or "Is a young Frank Wang" After all guests are given quirks, they say them aloud a final time. Then someone calls the host back into the circle. This was previously performed via yodel and mime-lasso.

The host's objective is to guess the quirks of his or her guests.


A guest rings the doorbell, which should always make an entertaining doorbell noise, then enters the circle through the door. They try to show their party quirk while acting as if they were at the host's party and while interacting with other guests. A new person comes in, on average, every minute. As the quirks are correctly guessed, the guests leave and sit down in the circle or are forced to leave through the door. The game is completed when all guest's quirks are guessed.


If the host cannot guess a guest's quirk, people from the audience may enter through the door as a package delivery person. The "package" contains a clue to the person's identity. If a guest's quirk is "Thinks s/he is a flower", for example, the package may contain sunlight, CO2, and water. Clues can also be given in ways aside from what's in the package, such as what the deliverer does. An example is making James Bond sign "Last name, first name, last name." If the host is failing miserably and enough time has gone by, it is acceptable to give a revealing package such as "Here's a book of names that rhyme with Con Seanery."