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Press Conference is an Acting Improv game.


  • One interviewee, who answers the questions of "The Press" which is made up of the whole group.

How does it work?

Someone (the interviewee) has just completed what was once considered an "impossible" or "extremely difficult" event. The interviewee goes out of earshot, and the AI circle decides what this event exactly is. Examples from Lancaster 06.2 include "Convinced Frank Wang to give up a confiscated frisbee" or "Taught George Bush how to correctly say 'nuclear'". The interviewee is then called (yodeled) back in. Members of the group then raise their hands to ask a question. When the interviewee calls on a person, the questioner then asks a suitably vague question about the topic (of which the interviewee knows nothing, at first). The questions start off vague, but get more and more accurate as the game progresses. For example, a question that came early on in the frisbee example is "How long did it take you to accomplish such a feat?". The answer was "several days".

During the course of the game, one player can ask for a "fact check," in which the questioner asks the interviewee direct questions about the topic to gauge how far along the interviewee is to completely guessing the topic. The game is over when the interviewee has specifically guessed the difficult feat he or she has done.