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Late to Work is an Acting Improv game.


  • 1 Late Employee
  • 1 Boss
  • 3-5 Co-workers

How does it work?

First the circle decides who is the Late Employee and sends them out of earshot of the circle. Then the circle decides why that person in late, where they work, and who are the Boss and the Co-workers. Then the late worker is called into the circle and must start to explain why they were late. However, s/he does not know the reason. The three Co-workers, standing behind the Boss, act out silent clues in order to help the Late Employee figure it out. Periodically the Boss will turn around to face the Co-workers. They then must freeze and come up with an explanation for why they are in that pose as per where they work. If the Boss does not like their explanation, he can fire them and hire someone from the circle. The game ends when the Late Employee figures out why he is late.

Notable Moments

  • "I was fighting Vampire Oprah" took the late employee about fifteen minutes to guess.
  • I was trying to catch all 150 Pokemon (except there are now 493).
  • I hugged an exploding tree.
  • I 3-second-closed-mouth kissed Jeff's wife. (This was at boot camp.)
  • I was following the Frank Wang.
  • The world was destroyed by Smurfs.
  • A tree threw a frisbee at me.
  • I was weighing my options: option A or option B?
  • I was thrown across a path and Frank Wang confiscated me.
  • The Fire Nation attacked
  • I was baked into a KiVO quesadilla