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Park Bench is the first game at every Acting Improv activity period.


  • Everyone

How does it work?

At the start, someone is sitting in the center of the circle or "Park Bench." People then come from around the circle and do something funny in order to "scare" the person off of the Park Bench. Generally, it is considered polite for the person on the bench to leave even if the joke doesn't work. It's very simple, and always gets the creative juices flowing.

"Anyone up for a game of Park Bench?"

Notable Moments

  • There can only be one (on the park bench)!
  • Goofus plays park bench like THIS!
  • Max Wang? Meet Frank Wang, it's time for a WANG-OFF!
  • Crucifixion of Christ.
  • Jeff Angel!
  • "I See White People" .
  • "Piggyback Ride!".
  • Shirtless Airplane.
  • Underground Earth Moon Sun Otter China.