Chain Death Murder

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Chain Death Murder is an Acting Improv game.


  • 4 people

How does it work?

The game is similar to "Whisper Down the Lane". Three of the actors go out of earshot while one remains behind. The circle then decides on a "who, where, and how", that is, who was murdered, where was he/she/it murdered, and how, or what method of killing. An example is "The Black Knight, in the Alcove, with Peanuts."

One actor is then called back in. The actor who remained behind must then mime "who" was killed to the actor who was just called. The person doing the "charades" may make noises but may not actually speak. The actor who was just called in may nod or point their thumbs up to signify that they got it (or frown and shake their head to signify that they don't know), but may not otherwise communicate with the miming actor.

Once the first actor to be called in thinks he/she has it, she calls the second actor who went out of earshot back in. The process repeats. The third actor is then called in. Once the second actor who was called in finishes miming to the third actor who was called in, the latter makes a guess as to "who" was killed, "where", and "how/with what".