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New Choice, a.k.a. The Buzzer Game, is an Acting Improv game.


  • 2-5 actors
  • 3 "buzzers" (or the whole audience, although this can cause problems)

How does it work?

The actors get into the center and begin acting out a pre-specified scene (e.g. Unpacking from a Diving Trip). At any time after an actor speaks, the "buzzers" can say "New Choice" and the actor must change what he said (e.g. "Wait - my tank was filled with water for the last two hours!" becomes "Wait - my tank was filled with laughing gas for the last two hours!") and the scene continues. If there are no specified "buzzers", anyone in the audience can say "New Choice." The game continues until it gets old.

Other Comments

New Choice is a less popular game due to the fact that either the audience doesn't feel involved if there are only 3 buzzers or that too many people shout "New Choice" too often and for worthless things if anyone can say "New Choice". Also, it becomes hard to think of new ideas after someone yells "New Choice" at you three times in a row, which commonly occurs.