Individually Paced Mathematics Sequence

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Individually Paced Mathematics Sequence
MATH Course
Course CodeMATH
Years Of Operation1980-2019
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Individually Paced Mathematics Sequence
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Course Description

Math Sequence is different from every other course at CTY in its flexibility and adherence to individual students' needs. On the first day, students in Math Sequence, instead of settling into their dorms as usual, take a 2 hour long placement test. The first day, students are given a large packet of math problems and told to begin. From then on, all they do is work on these problems, only speaking with the instructor if they have a question. Students are not given much freedom in the classroom, and although the work is straightforward and often boring, diversions are sometimes made in class and students may progress at their own pace.

Not surprisingly, Math Sequence has a reputation as the course students' parents make them take.

Class History

SAR.08.2 : will remember our werewolf TA and Dammy the SOURCE Adeoti

JHU.09.1 : will remember our crazy teacher Mrs. Mishra and our cool TA Jim who always made fun of her behind her back

JHU.10.1 : Hi TA Leah, from Rowan, Peter and Rudy from the train!

JHU.11.1 : will always remember the train formula. We also will always remember why moons are on wizard hats (even if we never found out the reason why stars were). Hi Keith and Cynthia! We miss you!

Note that at the last social, students who have participated in this course are often seen having emotional breakdowns over asymptotes. One should not take this course unless one has a strong grasp of reality, because after 3 weeks of algebra, you might start talking to numbers. It happened to me; after this course, I developed a form of synesthesia which makes every number from 1 through 99 have a specific personality, and zipcodes are entire pictures. Now I am a freshman in Pre-Calculus and the seniors scare me. Also, the test can take quite a bit longer than 2 hours. More like four. No offense, but this is a really boring class also.

JHU.16.2 A : The room this class was held in had a cockroach every day and dozens of bugs. Immense thanks to Steve, our bug catcher (and instructor)! We learned a lot of math and how to trick people with cards.

JHU.17.2 B : This class was held in a classroom that was far too small for it, but it was fun nonetheless. We merged a lot with the other class and enjoyed a lot of laughter and interesting group discussions. We also learned how to count cards, an invaluable skill for Casino Night! Will never forget Rohit's assertions about everything popular, one of the instructors handing Amelia a giant bag of candy without saying a word, or the debates of aluminum vs. aluminium.