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Genomics is a science course in the CTY program. Its prerequisite is Genetics, which in turn has a prerequisite of Fast Paced High School Biology. It is good as a primer (no pun intended) on laboratory sequencing techniques and mechanisms and other topics in genomics, including the Human Genome Project. Its course code is GNIC, and it is offered only at Baltimore Session 2.

Genomics has two field trips. One is to Professor Andrew Feinberg[1]'s laboratory in downtown Baltimore, at the JHU hospital [2], while the other is to the NHGRI/NISC in Bethesda, Maryland.

Genomics often uses a set of Dell laptops. The password to the cabinet holding the laptops may be "1337".

Materials List

The following student supplies are usually needed:

  • 1 2" binder
  • Chemical splash goggles
  • 400 sheets of college ruled paper
  • USB flash drive (at least 256 MB)
  • No textbook. A course reader will be given out and charged at a later time to parents.

More supplies (e.g. colored pencils, scientific calculator, etc.) may be needed, depending on the instructors.

Class History

08 will always remember the Plavender Platypi and the Ultimate Tournament. They will also remember the various jokes made up, including the pick-up line: "You go over there to be a cherry-picker, and I'll take the frisbee and hammer it into the end-zone".

JHU 11.2 will always remember flogging the penguin. JHU 11.2 will always remember 1, 2, 3, YEAST! JHU 11.2 will always remember WHOOSH! JHU 11.2 will always remember SHANK and TWIST. JHU 11.2 will always remember children, young adults, very young seniors... JHU 11.2 will always remember my heart just got all aflutter, for epigenetics of course. JHU 11.2 will always remember and that's why the spaghetti monster invented computers. JHU 11.2 will always remember and with a very bizarre, cold, robotic hand, you spread the mayonnaise. JHU 11.2 will always remember HATERS GON HATE. JHU 11.2 will always remember Marco's macroeconomic diagram... JHU 11.2 will always remember moldy coconuts. JHU 11.2 will always remember RABBIT AND SQUIRREL CHASES!!!! JHU 11.2 will always remember MEGA-TOR! JHU 11.2 will always remember the medic comes along and puts together this massive pile of pus and goo and, oh! We have Charlie! JHU 11.2 will always remember that an ortholog is a fuzzy, purple, salamander. JHU 11.2 will always remember that Brian has a new thing to cry about tonight... that's good. JHU 11.2 will always remember So someone was dreaming about this and was like "woah woah woah wait a sec. What if you did TWO at a time? Woah." JHU 11.2 will always remember CONTAMINATION! JHU 11.2 will always remember TA's, I have a favor for you to do. It's not a fun one. Can you please find Gina and Amit for me? JHU 11.2 will always remember Brian's toilet brush. JHU 11.2 will always remember the 58x that Dana said Yeast. JHU 11.2 will always remember "My guess is that Brian is there right now trying to convince him." (Byron)"That's not what MY guess is..." JHU 11.2 will always remember and the flying projectile goes across the sidewalk.

Love you guys! ~AW

JHU 12.2 will always remember JAM: the CpG island <3 JHU 12.2 will always remember sequencing the giraffe genome. JHU 12.2 will always remember "ZAINAB DESTROYER OF WORLDS" JHU 12.2 will always remember Doc JHU 12.2 will always rememeber "But what if youre a wasp?"~Jonathan JHU 12.2 will always remember "Molly, are you alright?" JHU 12.2. will always remember the Genomics Olympics JHU 12.2 will always remember Jay the superhero (BJ) JHU 12.2 will always remember JET

Stay positive. <3 Molly

JHU 15.2 will always remember the Timelord and the wobble (hypothesis) video. JHU 15.2 will always remember ILLUMINATI! JHU 16.2 will always remember having one of the smallest classes in CTY history (6 people) and having to "redirect", but most of all having one of the closest classes ever! 4/6 students in the class knew each other from the previous year