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Site Information
CollegeJohns Hopkins Peabody Institute
LocationBaltimore, Maryland
DatesJune 23 - July 12
Years of Operation??
Avg. Number of Students100
Courses Offered
Service, Leadership & Community Transformation
Stairway to Heaven | American Pie | Forever Young | Wobble | Mr. Brightside | Don't Stop Believin' | Cupid Shuffle | Sandstorm | Everytime We Touch | Cha Cha Slide
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Site and Campus Overview

The Peabody Institute at Johns Hopkins University serves as the Session 1 campus for the CTY Civic Leadership Institute. It is predominantly for students who have aged out of "Regular CTY" programs (as they are known there): students finishing 9th-12th grade. The site runs during session 1 only; session 2 is at the Berkeley campus.

As the site is CTY-CLI, the only course offered is Service, Leadership & Community Transformation. The site is much smaller, with only around 100 students each year.

Only about half of the students at this site each year have previously attended a CTY session, but traditions at this site are introduced to (and usually accepted by) all students.


Dorms at Peabody encompass the East and West towers of the Peabody Residence Hall, with boys' dorms on the third and fourth floor of the East Tower and the girls' on the second and third of the West Tower. The site office is located on the second floor of the East tower, and as such it is easy to steal Doritos from the staff lounge while going down for nighttime meds if on the third or fourth floor.

To get into rooms, students have to fob in first to either the residential stairs or the elevator, and then unlock their rooms with a key. In 19.1, there were only 8 RAs, and each floor was supposedly divided into two separate halls, although in practice, there wasn't much division between each hall except for floor.

Each floor has two communal bathrooms with two showers each and four stalls. Most rooms are doubles except for the rooms at the ends of the corridors, which are either singles or triples, with triples on the outer walls and singles on the inner. If stuck in a triple situation, always go for the single bed or the bottom bunk because the top bunk is a pain to climb into, especially at 3:00 am after having to use the bathroom. The supposed "AC" is controlled by setting the thermostat to 86 degrees, which is the highest it will go to cool your room. Each room, depending on the number of intended occupants, has two or three desks and chests of drawers, and (if in a triple), a walk in closet, or (if in a double) a purpose-built plywood closet thing.

In 2017, girls were on the second and third floors of the West Tower. Boys were on the third and fourth floors of the East Tower, with the Site Office on the second floor. There were four girls' halls and four boys' halls. The halls and classes were divided by age. The girls' RAs were Lauren and Hannah on the second floor and Christine and Jasmin on the third floor (the most lit floor!) and the boys' RAs were Patrick, John, Brent, and Hashaam.


The Civic Leadership Institute course is a Service Learning course organised by the Civic Education Project, which is run by Northwestern University.
A detailed course description can be found on the course page: Service, Leadership & Community Transformation. Specifics to the Peabody site are below.

Field Experiences

In 2017, each class (A through G, sorted by age) went to different field experiences. Some examples are St. Gregory's church to help with the soup kitchen, community gardening, mental health homes and rehabilitation centers, working with children, community organizing (learn about one specific community and come up with ideas to help them), mural painting, and more.


Speakers would occasionally come during evening sessions and speak to the entire camp. Some examples from 2017 are: a panel of people from the homelessness bureau, all people who had experienced homelessness themselves or are currently experiencing homelessness, current residents of Baltimore who are trying to enact change, leaders of organizations (such as NoisyTenants), and more.

Change The World Talks

Change The World talks are created by the staff: RA, TA or Instructor. They take place in Geneva Hall, the same building in which classes are held, and students receive a sheet in which they explain you which talk will take place and which classroom. Each talk lasts 25 minutes, and for each 25 minutes students have multiple options of talks to attend. They last from 7:00 pm to 8:25pm. After the talks, students go to their classrooms and share their experiences.

Student Life


One activity period is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays (equivalent to a daily activity), lasting roughly 1.5 hours. There are usually 4-5 choices. On the other days, the students are giving the option of dorm time or signing out with a buddy to roam the Baltimore In Bounds areas, which can be done on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and sometimes weekends. On weekends, there are also activity options, as well as larger activities such as exploring the Inner Harbor, Casino Night, and the Talent Show.


Peabody usually has at least 2 dances, occurring on the first Saturday, and last Thursday. The canon is very very abbreviated here, with the only mainstays being, "Where Is the Love","Stairway to Heaven", and "American Pie" The dances have refreshments, which usually consist of chips, pretzels, popcorn, cookies, sprite, soda, diet soda, and water. This is a very nice change from most regular CTY dances, which only have a water fountain. The atmosphere is relaxed compared to regular CTY dances - young adults are left to be young adults (no flashlights).

First dance - theme was Rave. Aviva Katz performed poi (aka raving or glowsticking) to the song Sandstorm.
Second dance - theme was Hawaiian/Caribbean
Third dance - theme was Hollywood/Masquerade Ball


In 2017, officially sleepovers were on the second Friday for the boys and the second Saturday for the girls, but let's just say that isn't exactly what happened. In 2019, sleepovers were outlawed until the last Thursday of session, with participants being limited to 4 people per room, and everybody having to drag their mattress around the floors.


There are a few, increasing each year.

Tradition History


  • Casino Night - the students taught the staff about Casino Night and succeeded in running a very similar event
  • Blammo - students ran a game of Blammo. The game started on the second weekend, so it was very short, and had strange rules, but it was still very fun. Andrew was the Blammo god, and the winners were Camden, Vic, Heaven, and Lily.
  • 2017 had Canon (see template)
  • Love Tape Day was held on the last Wednesday. The staff provided the tape, which was handed out to select nevermores to distribute.

New forming traditions:

  • CTY Olympics - there was a Snapchat story made for everyone in the CLI area. One night, illegally, past lights out, the students started a game. One girls' floor posted a snap of them jumping over a trash can, and the boys' hall responded in turn. This turned into a competition, as each hall videoed people jumping over three, four, and even five trash cans in a line. The competition took more creative turns, trying to replicate different olympic competitions. To replicate swimming, the girls put on their swimsuits and moved around on a blue blanket. These series of videos were the source of many laughs. And that's how the late at night CTY Olympic Competiton was formed. (The third floor girls hall won)


In 2017, Passionfruit was held at 5:30am in the small plaza. In a large circle with most of the camp's members, both people who were not returning and people who might be spoke, although it was mostly nevermores. Passionfruit and other tropical drinks (ex: guava) were served.


Order by year attended and then alphabetically by first name, please.