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Couching, in its most basic practice, is simply sitting on the couch and talking.

However, there are many variations on couching. The most prominent is pimping, in which a guy cuddles with two or more girls while couching. The male is the pimp, and the females with him are pimpettes. This most often happens between guys and girls who have a platonic relationship. A pimp can have more than one layer of pimpettes, with varying levels of unattractiveness. The first layer is the two girls nearest him (usually leaning against him, with his arms around them). The second layer is the next two girls, and so on. This can also occur with reversed genders, or with genders completely disregarded. The terms remain consistent with the role, not the gender.

Another variation on couching is card-playing, in which people play card games (usually Egyptian Ratscrew) at the tables near the couches. These games usually have both participants and spectators. Often, the spectators are simply waiting for an opportunity to slap in.

Finally, a rarer variation on couching is those CTYers who are so engrossed in a book that instead of talking while couching, they read their book. This practice was most widespread during the Harry Potter rage.

Although there is normally enough room on the various couches throughout the HUB for people to sit comfortably, another practice has been to cram as many people as possible onto a section of couch. Normally, one could fit anywhere from five to seven people on any given three person couch or bench.

As you may have noticed, couching simply refers to any action taken while reclining on a couch.

The Couples' Couch was known for its intense love of couching, and the many shenanigans that occurred on their couch.