Malkavian Poking Game

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4 pokes.
8 las.
Everybody wins!

Also known as Lalala Game, the Malkavian Poking Game game was probably inspired by Scum: The Masquerade or maybe even Vampire: The Masquerade.

This game was very popular in Lancaster around 1998, especially among members of LLRT.

How to Play the Malkavian Poking Game

  1. Poke
  2. Poke
  3. Poke
  4. Poke

Everybody wins!

In most versions of the game, poking goes by turns, in which the person who has been most recently poked goes on to either poke back, or poke some third person. After four pokes have been made, las are shouted. Then everybody wins!

All players (and often many spectators) may participate in Step 5.

Relevant Definitions


Extend a finger as though you were pointing. Press your finger into another person's skin. This is a poke. Poking is used in the Lalala Game, a.k.a. The Malkavian Poking Game. In the Malkavian Poking Game, you must also say "poke!" when you poke somebody.


Sound made in The Malkavian Poking Game.


Like La, but louder.

Also a place on the West Coast, possibly where the three men I admire most (the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost) caught the train to. Also, according to some sources, sucks, much like New Jersey, which, according to some other sources, also sucks.