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The Really Game is a variation on The Game, created at LAN.06.2 and spread at PRN.07.1. It generally involves thinking various dirty thoughts and indicating to others what you are thinking. The Really Game was also known as the Fun Game at JHU.08.1, brought to that site by Shaun's hall.

The Rules

  1. You are now playing The Really Game.
  2. If you think about two males in a certain compromising position, you must announce "I lose" with the correct number of "really's" inserted between "I" and "lose," as indicated by the chart below.
  3. If you think about two females in a certain compromising position, you must announce "I win" with the correct number of "really's" inserted between "I" and "win."
  4. If you think about a male and a female in a certain compromising position, you must announce "I tie" with the correct number of "really's" inserted between "I" and "tie."
  5. The phrases "I win" and "I tie" are meaningless without "really"s. The phrase "I lose" simply refers to The Game.
  6. If you are able to specify the specific people in your imaginings and someone asks, you must inform them of the identities of those participating in the compromising position.
  7. The thirty-minute grace period notable in The Game does not apply to The Really Game.

The Really Chart

Number of "Really"s Mental Image
1 Kissing or making out
2 Groping
3 Naked groping
4 Blowjob
5 Sex
6 Threesome
7 Tentacles (think penetration)
8 Dead leprechauns (Lepronecrophilia)
9 Telekinesis
10 Too kinky to specify

One can avoid counting out a large number of "really's" by simply specifying "really-seven" or "really-ten," as in "I really-four lose" instead of "I really really really really lose."

Expansion Packs

For those of us whose thoughts cannot be fully conveyed with the basic "really" chart, several expansions of The Really Game have been created.


The "spoon" expansion was inspired by the Blammo game at Princeton and the creative lengths to which people would go to hold onto their spoons while performing other actions (i.e., making out).

This expansion utilizes the basic "really" chart, only with one person and their spoon instead of two people. In this expansion, the word "spoon" replaces the words "win," "tie," or "lose." For example, "I really spoon" would indicate a mental image of a person making out with a spoon.


The "party" expansion was inspired by the third Wednesday of PRN.07.1, when a spontaneous make-out orgy occurred.

This expansion also utilizes the basic "really" chart, except in orgy form (more than three people). "I really-six party" is very dangerous and is tantamount to... something very bad.

Unlike all other forms of The Really Game, "I party" has a meaning; it refers to the mental image of a grass orgy.


"I'm really-number sorry" refers to the specific pairing McBeck (Rodney McKay/Carson Beckett) from the TV series Stargate Atlantis. It uses the basic "really" chart. It should be noted that the word "sorry" has a specific pronunciation: it is not the American "saw-ry," but rather the Canadian "soar-ry," as McKay is Canadian and Canadians are amazing.


The "definitely" expansion originated as a shortcut for "really-nine," which in itself originally designated "one of the above actions performed on the ceiling," but "definitely" evolved to denote the specific pairing Sylar/Mohinder (from the TV series Heroes) and now follows the basic "really" chart, except for "really-nine." Because Sylar already possesses telekinesis and the use of it is implied in all possible actions, "I definitely really-nine lose" denotes a mental image of both Sylar and Mohinder using telekinesis. ^_^

Note that, due to the nature of "definitely's" use as an adjective as opposed to a verb, gender can still be specified with this pairing. Genderbending is encouraged.

During a game of Silent Football at Princeton 2007, Kathryn and Chelsea chose the names Sylar and Mohinder, respectively. In that game, the present Mr. Dictator requested that Sylar and Mohinder make out. Definitely winning carries this connotation.

JHU Version

The JHU version debuted at JHU.08.1. It was created by Shaun's hall and was known as "The Fun Game", exactly who first started is yet to be known. However, the official rules were laid out by Johnny, Zak, and Vincent and are as follows.

  1. You lose when you have a sexual thought.
  2. When you lose you have to shout out "I lost the fun game!" and say what your thought was.
  3. You must explain to all other CTYers present. All others are to be ignored, no matter what.
  4. The only way to win is to have sex with someone. Rape does not count. It must be consensual.
  5. You have a one hour grace period after losing in which you cannot lose. If you have sex within the one # # hour period, you don't win.

However, one day, due to logic class, Johnny realized that it would seem impossible to have sex without thinking about it. If anyone can find a loophole, please edit this.
Edit: If you have multiple simultaneous sexual thoughts, then it could not be considered "a" sexual thought, and you would not lose.