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Slackjaw is a wholesome, fun sport akin to the staring contest, despite the fact that the name of the game is disturbingly reminiscent of oral sex.

In Slackjaw, players face each other, engage in eye contact, and attempt to keep their face "slack" and devoid of expression. The first person to smile or twitch spasmodically loses, and his slackjawed challenger is named the winner. A game is preceded by a countdown, as such: "3...2...1... SLACKJAW!" It is always from three, always in reverse.

The game was brought to the Carlisle campus by none other than Steve Smith, champion of the Penalty Box (along with Liz Sheirer) and a frequent wearer of fly Hawaiian shirts. It began as a way to kill time and tedium during CTY experiences like Kline and First Friday, which is ironic because the game is itself incredibly tedious.

Slackjaw was introduced as an activity (in the form of a tournament, think Final Four but with open-mouthed losers) by RA Christian. The activity was attended by few, and taken seriously by none. The Slackjaw tournament champion was that Napoleon Dynamite-looking kid (Lucas) who sang the Beatles song at the Talent Show. The follow-up tournament was cancelled. Though it never caught on as an organized activity, Slackjaw remains one of the most ridiculous and pointless games ever invented.