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Kemps, a.k.a. Scenics, is a card game played with 2-6 teams of two using a standard deck with Jokers removed.

Each player gets a partner and sets up secret signals to tell the other when to say "Kemp." At the start of each round, each player is dealt four cards. The dealer then puts the top four cards of the deck into the middle face up. Players take cards from the middle and replace them with cards from their own hand, such that they never have more than four cards in their hand at once. The goal of the game is to get four of the same card, then get your partner to say "Kemp". A team which does this successfully gets a letter (starting with K, then E, and M, then finally P). Whichever group spells "K-E-M-P" first wins.

There is a twist to this game, however; if a person suspects another person having four of the same cards, they can yell, "Stop Kemp" (or "Counter"). If the suspected person does, in fact, have four of a kind, that group loses a letter. If they don't have four of a kind, the group who yelled "Stop Kemp" loses a letter. Often, "Cuts" is used instead of "Stop Kemps", because it is much faster to say.

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