1000 Blank White Cards

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1000 Blank White Cards is a game involving blank white cards. It is not necessary to have 1000.

During the game, people draw on cards to determine their effect. Cards have a name, picture, and effect. Except sometimes they don't. Cards normally give or take away points (usually ranging from 200 to 1000), but they can do pretty much anything. A ban on cards requiring you to eat cards, for example, can be a good house rule.

At the beginning of the game, each person is dealt an equal number of blank cards, usually around five, but it varies depending on the number of people and number of cards available. Each person draws on each of these cards, which are then shuffled into the deck, which contains blank cards and may contain cards from previous games.

Next, each person is dealt a hand from the deck. The hand size is usually around the same size as the blank cards dealt at the beginning. Play starts with somebody and goes in a direction.

During a player's turn, that player draws a card and then plays a card. They may play the card on a player or on every player. The card's effect then happens to its recipient or recipients.

Michael Behr brought the game to Skidmore, although it wasn't played very much. It was played once during an activity during 05.1 (whence sprung the awesome card Polymerization, which, sadly, has been lost to the mists of time) and twice during POLY.B.SAR.06.1 (where it basically turned into people daring Max Siegel to do stuff, though nobody escaped entirely).