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A Rina (Rino being the male equivalent) is a dancer at the Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet whose summer session is held on the same campus in Carlisle and typically coincides with the first five weeks of CTY. Selected for their ability through a process of comparable rigor to the admissions process at CTY, the Rinas are also rumored to enjoy the perquisites of computer access in the HUB and superior housing facilities. Rinas have appeared at other sites as well.

A history of tension between the camps has in recent years caused the CTY administration to forbid interaction between CTY and CPYB students, a policy that has unfortunately generated further inter-camp misunderstandings, such as the rumor that circulated during 03.2 that the Rinas thought we were an adolescent drug rehabilitation center, which likely originated on Drag Day or a similar eccentric ritual. 'Rina" is obviously short for ballerina; however, this is a backhanded compliment as the technical term for them is 'ballet student'. 'Ballerina' is a term used to describe only the best female soloists.


Rinas think CTYers are overtly-smart-nerd-type people, or else some sort of delinquent (perhaps because of the Center for Troubled Youth acronym), although the latter is more a jest than a serious notion. Many CTY traditions, especially Drag Day, are perceived as a bit peculiar. One person who has been both a Carlisle CTYer and a Rina has reported, however, that the attendees of her ballet intensive were not particularly more conservative than CTYers generally are.

Rinas are rumored to get unlimited Internet/computers/TVs in their rooms, no real lights out time, no mandatory fun, and the freedom to leave campus whenever. However, all of these rumors have been found to convey little truth. The Rinas are allowed access to computers in the HUB, though they do not have laptops or TVs in their rooms unless they bring electronics themselves. Cellphone use is permitted during the day, probably only outside of their dance classes. They usually travel on their scooters. They do have themed nights but they are not required. During the day, they rarely have activities because they usually do ballet 9-4ish or 10-5ish and have one more class in the evening.

Rina Interactions

There have been many instances after the interaction ban in which CTYers and Rinas have clashed, including a recent one at CAR.05.1 where ballerinas claimed to have scored higher on the SATs than CTYers did.

During CAR.05.2, a small group of girls befriended a few Rinas and sat with them at meals (talking about the different programs, etc.) numerous times. Eventually, these CTYers invented a Rina Appreciation Day on the day before the Rinas left. This involved wearing soffes, tight tank tops that looked like leotards, and buns in their hair. To this day, at Carlisle, many CTYers choose to compliment at least one Rina a day and make friends with any Rino who compliments one's outfit.

Another exchange went as follows:

Rinas [to a group of couching CTY students exhibiting PDA]: EWW, we're trying to eat.
CTYers: EWW, we're trying to make out.
Rinas: NO PDA!
CTYers: I don't have a Palm Pilot.

Some stuff heard in 07...

Rina x: (about to drink her soda)
Rina y: EW don't drink that! each of the bubbles is a carb!
This interaction is comical because she mistakes carbonation with carbohydrates. Nice try, Rina, nice try.
Rina: I think I know why they call these Washington apples. It's because Washington cut down an apple tree!
CTYer: He cut down a cherry tree (or so they say...)

And some legendary quotes heard at CAR 09.2

"If I married a guy with the last name Pitt, I'd name my kid Brad."

"You know what's fun? Destroying food."

At 11.1...

A little 8 or 9 year old Rina stood up in the HUB and chanted "CTY! CTY! CTY! I wanna go to CTY!" using letter signals with her hands like those in the song YMCA.

A Rina came up to a CTYer and asked "Do you find me creepy?"

Rinas took multiple pictures of a group of CTYers on Drag Day and got people to take pictures of them posing with the cross-dressers.

At CAR 13.1...

A group of CTYers wanted to know what male ballerinas were called. They asked an RA or two, but they didn't know. So one of those CTYers went up to a Rina and asked her. The Rina told her that male ballerinas were called danseurs. That information spread, but it is unknown how many people found out.

When there were two kiddie pools with gallons of ice cream meant for the CTYers, a couple of Rinas had ice cream too.

A CTY student and a ballet student discussed comics and the Comixology app while in the dinner line.

At CAR 14.1...

A CPYB student asked a CTY student about Love Tape. Appreciating the tradition, the CPYB girl requested some love tape. The CTY student obliged, and the CPYB girl wore it the whole day.

Three CPYB girls mistakenly had their drinks salted during lunch one day; disaster was avoided, and when informed, they laughed it off.

CPYB students occasionally provided practice for the Assassin game, though this was not allowed by staff.

At CAR 19.1...

During the ceremony of Non-Denominational Spirit Figure at the last supper, the Rinas crowded outside by the couches, wondering what the hell was going on as Isaac was saying his speech with a crowd around him. CTY-er Caroline Vernon went outside and explained what was going on and rushed back inside in time to see the new Spirit Fig chug the passoguava juice.

Saratoga Springs (Skidmore)

At Saratoga, there are not one, but two camps of Rinas sharing the campus. The NYSSSA Rinas with colored lanyards are nice (you can befriend them easily), but they sometimes say ridiculous things. For instance:

"Wait...I get it! CTY must stand for Ceriously Talented Youth!"
10 minutes later
"Actually, I think ceriously might be spelled with an 's'"
This has become a recurring CTY joke. Now whenever someone asks what CTY stands for, we say "Ceriously Talented Youth."
"Can you guys take, like...super smart home economics???"
"Uhm, yeahhh... sure!"
GASPS "No way!! Could you maybe BAKE me a little FONDUE?!?"
This may have been an attempt at a joke, as a fondue is a step in ballet
CTYer: Look at the rinas.
Rina: We are PROUD to be rinas.


2011: Unfortunately, Briansky Rinas are no longer at Saratoga, having moved their summer session from Skidmore to Mount Holyoke College. NYSSSA Rinas remain part of the daily scenery at Aikins Dining Hall.

2012.1: During the last supper, there was a flash mob of Rinas who danced to insert song name here much to the surprise of the CTYers and cafeteria staff. It is unknown whether they purposely did it on the last evening.

2012.1: The rinas had a dance-off with CTYers, who didn't do well except for one fabulous gymnast, but a CTYer responded with trigonometry questions that the rinas were unable to answer, even with the calculators on their iPods.

2013.1: The Rinas had an impromptu dance session on a part of the Quad after lunch. Greatly annoyed, one CTY taunted and challenged the Rinas to a square off, yelling, among other things, "You think you're so cool, huh?!" and "My finger's itching!"

2013.2: A squirrel named Brian Bertrand befriended a group of female Rinas. He sat with them at meals and told the whole camp about his plan to "get" a Rina. No one knows if he ended up "getting" her.

2017: The CTY Site Director and the CPYB Residence Life Director worked together to create a better climate between CTYers and the Rinas. Two of the first steps towards reconciliation were addressing rude comments made by several Rinas and removing offensive and inaccurate contact on this page (but not all the humorous content).