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Scum, also known as President or Speed Capitalism, is a card game for 4-6 players that is similar to crazy eights. This game is played with a standard 52 card deck. Cards are played in equal number (i.e. only singles on singles, pairs on pairs, triplets on triplets) and cannot be of a lower rank (i.e. no playing a 6 on an 8). The first player to get rid of all their cards wins the hand. Play continues for as many hands as people feel like playing.

Scum also has a variant in Chinese Poker, which has similar rules, but five-card Poker combos can be played, spades are the suit with the highest value, followed by hearts, clubs, and diamonds (ex. 5 of spades beats 5 of hearts, which beats 5 of clubs, which beats 5 of diamonds), the 3 of diamonds leads, and there are no skips, bombs, completions, or card trades. Scum is generally preferred by people who have played both games, who consider it more exciting than Chinese Poker.


The game is most commonly called Scum or President because the winner of each hand is the President for the next hand, and the loser is the Scum. The second person to finish is called the Vice President, and the second-to-last person is called Vice Scum. If you are playing with more than 4 players, the players who finish between the Vice President and the Vice Bum are neutral. At the beginning of the next hand, the President can take any two cards form the Scum's hand and replace them with any two cards from his hand. The Vice President can do the same thing to the Vice Scum; however, the Vice President can only substitute one card. In some games, gameplay goes in order of rank, making the President first to play and the Bum the last for the next hand.

Other Rules

The exact rules of Scum/President varies with each particular game. This is a list of common rules; feel free to add other rules or variations of these.

  • Cards are dealt equally to each player. If there are extra cards, they may be removed from play or dealt to the highest-ranking players.
  • The first person to go in the first hand is the person who has either the 3 of clubs or the 3 of spades (depending on house rules); this card is not wild. The 3 of clubs/spades must be the first card played.
  • In subsequent hands, the President goes first and he can lead with any card(s).
  • All 2's are bombs, which clear the cards played.
    • Bombs can be played on anything, regardless of value or pairing.
    • Most say that if you go out on a bomb, you are automatically relegated to scum.
  • Jokers are included and are either bombs or wild.
  • All 3's are wild, except the opening card of the game.
  • If you have the cards that, when added, will make a four of a kind on the top of the pile, you may play them even if it's not your turn. This is called a "completion." When a completion occurs, it clears the pile.
    • In some variants, you cannot complete a triplet with a single.
  • The player who clears the pile may lead with any card.
    • If the card(s) which clears the pile is the last in a player's hand, then the next player leads instead.
  • If you have all of four of one card, you can treat it like a bomb as long as it beats the previous cards played. Some variants allow you to treat it as a completion.
  • If someone plays a single, and the next person plays a single of the same rank, the next person is skipped. (Ex: Player 1 puts down a 9, Player 2 also puts down a 9, Player 3 is skipped and Player 4 is next to play.)
    • In some variants, if the following player also plays a single with the same number, the next two people are skipped. (ex: Player 4 then puts down another 9, Players 5 and 6 are skipped)
  • If it is your turn and you have no playable cards, you turn must be passed. If, however, you have any playable card(s), then you must play. Many variants of the game, however, allow for passing at any time.
  • In some variants, if your last cards are bombs, you can hold them up, and anyone can grab them. You are finished with your hand. In other variants, if your last cards are bombs, you automatically become Scum.
  • In some variants, if a person is President three times in a row, he can create and add his own rule.
    • This resets when the game is over.
  • There can be no trading except President-Scum and Vice President-Vice Scum.
    • Except on the Black Market (which is 100% illegal) but people did it anyway at EST.16.2.


  • If you are President, ask for 2's, high cards, or cards that allow you to create doubles or singles so you can make completions more easily, and give the Scum your lowest single cards.
  • If you can complete a set, put down your cards as fast as possible. When it is your turn to play and you cannot complete a set, put down a higher card(s) as soon as possible so no one else can complete the set.
  • If you have the opportunity to lead, get rid of your low cards as soon as possible so you don't get stuck with them near the end.