Alice in Wonderland

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Alice in Wonderland is a movie that became part of a most intriguing coincidence at LMU.

A "Random Album and Alice and Wonderland" activity was offered during the LOS.02.2 because of a large student interest in "Dark Side of Oz." Jessey and Ryan Trask, two die-hard Radiohead fans, suggested that their avant-garde masterpiece "Kid A" be played as a background to the movie. The RA obliged and surprisingly... IT WORKED NEAR-PERFECTLY!

The kick drum beat in "Kid A" corresponded with the entrance of the White Rabbit; "How to Disappear Completely" began and ended at the same time the Walrus and the Carpenter sequence began and ended; Alice grew to the size of a giant sequoia and destroyed a house while a "Treefingers" played; and Thom Yorke sang "I think you're crazy, maybe" in the middle of the mad tea.

Students involved in this activity have gone on to show this phenomenon to non-CTY friends, who have been equally amazed.