Introduction to Biomedical Sciences

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Introduction to the Biomedical Sciences
Science Course
Course CodeINBS
Year Opened1998
Sites OfferedCAR, GRE, HKU, LAN, LOS, SAR, SUN
Previously OfferedCLN, JHU, LOU, STM, TEC, UNI
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Course Description

Intro to Biomed is a course intended for students who want a head start in high school Biology or any medical field. The course actually covers most, if not all, of a freshman high school biology course. Many activities are hands-on and include extensive dissection, modeling, and team projects. Curriculum includes anatomical systems and basic microscopy.

Class History

Los Angeles

LOS.06.2 was taught by Katrina Reyes and TA'd by Liz Oviatt.

LOS.09.1 was taught by Katrina Reyes. TA'd by Shubha Sarode.

LOS.10.1 A was taught by Katrina Reyes and TA'd by Alexandra Ford.

LOS.10.2 B was taught by Annabella Kraut. TA'd by Jessica Pun (who was CANADIAN!).

LOS.11.2 was taught by Leslie Reiman. TA'd by Lauren Montgomery.

LOS 13.1-2 INBS A was taught by Donna West. TA'd by David Blumenstyk. (The Blumenstyk religion and (unicorn) followers live on!)

LOS 14.1-2 INBS A was taught by Donna West, TA'd by Valeria Fernanadez Garibay.

LOS 15.1-2 INBS A was taught by Donna West, TA'd by Marty Toner.

LOS 16.1 INBS A was taught by Donna West, TA'd by Saloni Goyal.

LOS 16.2 INBS A was taught by Donna West, TA'd by Jesica Van Lith.

LOS 17.2 A was taught by Donna West and TA'd by Queen Eda Wu.

LOS 18.1 INBS A was taught by Donna West, TA'd by Eda Wu.

LOS 18.2 INBS was taught by Donna West, TA'd by Jasmine Lin.

LOS 19.1 INBS A was taught by Donna West, TA'd by Isabella So

LOS 19.2 INBS A was taught by Donna West, TA'd by Anvitha Soordelu

You need to calm down, you’re being too loud x (Sophia Callie and Ariana)

Dummy thiccc (love you Izzy)

"Take the L"


LOU.04 was taught by Geraldine Moloney and TA'd by Maisha.

LOU.06 was taught by Heidi Ungar and TA'd by Luningning Ocampo.

LOU.07.1 A was taught by Soojin Lim and TA'd by Aileen Chang.

LOU.07.1 B was taught by Bennet O'Connors. TA unknown.

LOU.08.1 B was taught by Nancy Sutphen. TA'd by Christina Cozzetto.


CLN.98 was taught by Sean and TA'd by Brandon. (This was the first time the course was offered.)


JHU.07.1 was taught by Bree Raburn.


LAN.09.2 A was taught by Danielle Fliller. TA'd by Christina Cozzetto.

LAN.10.1 A was taught by Corinne Nunez. TA'd by Christina Cozzetto.

LAN.10.1 C was taught by Leslie. TA'd by Rajiv Mallipudi.

LAN.11.1 B was taught by Ryan Asmus. TA'd by Nick Hawley.

LAN 17.1 A was taught by Dr. Heba Sadek and TA'd by Marcos Lu Wang, the potato. Our family tree was a phat mess. It was great.

LAN.17.1 B was taught by Sarah Kumar. TA'd by Harry Tsou.

LAN 17.2 C was taught by the legend herself Jenn Simons, a first-year teacher who upon experiencing the combined brilliance of so many students decided that she deserved better and promptly got a new teaching job at a better school. The class was TA'd by Rachel Wendt (Rach, and not to be confused with Rachel the TA aka Tarachel), a quite beautiful, stylish and vampire-ish college (grad?) student who was loved by all and admired for her uber cool job examining dead bodies at crime scenes. The class consisted of identifying diseases with the guidance of google search, grass origies during break, read-alouds of grotesque and horrifying hospital and ER stories that the students all shuddered to (both from the gory details and below-zero temperature of the lab/classroom). The students that blessed the corridors of the F&M research facilities every day were Raffae, Harry, Frank, Darren, Lucia, Diya, Archer, Cynthia, Rachel, Andrea, Michelle, Michael, Mandy, Ben, Kevin, Katherine, and Emma. Also, while you're at it, why don't you search up images of necrotizing fasciitis?

LAN 18.2 C was taught by Dr. Heba Sadek, TA'd by Marcos Lu Wang.

LAN 19.1 C was taught by Dr. Heba Sadekibrahim (Dr. Sadek), TA'd by Arkapravah Hangloo (Dr. Ark).


CAR.06 was taught by Shashi Chiracipra.

CAR.09.2 A was taught by Bennett O'Connor. TA'd by Lauren Dalvin.

CAR 14.1 B was taught by the amazing Bree Raburn and TA'd by Kristin Brouillard.

CAR. 14.1 C was taught by Matt Hillegass. TA'd by Josh Shafquat.

CAR 17.2 C was taught by Mark Pellegrino and TA'd by Tyler Brown.

CAR 19.1 INBS-A was taught by Mandy DeHaven and TA’d by Valerie Fischer.

CAR 19.1 INBS-B was taught by the one and only Bree Raburn and TA’d by Ariel.


SUN 17.2 had a lot of homework. There were many, many clandestine studying sessions, some of which that went past midnight.


SAR 18.1 was taught by Lauren Montgomery (from Michigan) and Ta'd by Rachel (from New Jersey). This was the first occurrence of INBS at Saratoga Springs. This class was a living meme.

Justin was the living meme within the living meme. During the ethical debate research portion, Justin had decided to search up "octo-mom", because "Lauren had talked about it earlier." Thus, he had two bullet points written down in total and was clueless about the whole subject. When Alex and Justin went to debate, Justin was unable to give his opening statement or rebuttal. Lauren then sent them back to their seats and forced Matilda and Emma to debate instead. After the girls' debate, Justin still was confused and was possibly high. When the two began talking about financial issues in cloning people, Alex brought up the fact that some people could not afford something (I forget what), and Justin proceeded to say, and I quote, "They can sell their organs?" Regardless, Justin was the obvious winner.

Speaking of Justin, he did many other interesting things such as...

  • dressing like a mom
  • cheating in the -ectomy game
  • he almost sat on someone
  • being horrible at the frisbee circle
  • getting triggered a lot
  • his answers were interesting in the worksheets
  • when dissecting, he gagged the whole time. When asked if he was okay, he said, "yeah" and kept gagging
  • during the movie we watched the last day, there was a scene where the protagonist and his coworker were going at it. That scene happened to be upside down for some reason, which prompted Justin to repeatedly ask, "WHY IS THE CAMERA UPSIDE DOWN???" We then tried giving him the explanation that maybe it was to distract from the fact that they were going at it.

The class was known for watching endless Crash Course videos. One kid fell asleep during a Crash Course played in study hall.

Another kid during study hall, was always angry for the constant Crash Course vids, and when asked if she was angry always explained, rather angrily, "I'm not angry, I'm tired!" This kid was interrupted mid rant by the rest of the class who only heard, "I'm better than you, Sarah!"

Another legend, Kunal Patel, was forced against his will during the medical examination equipment skits to say, "My breasts hurt," to portray the fact that their piece of equipment could be used to examine breasts. Their skit was very long and Lauren had to force them to stop.

Everyone in that class did at least one stupid thing a week.

SAR 19.2 Alex and Callie were repeatedly sent out of class because their ADHD became too much for the teachers to take and performed canon dances repeatedly in the hallway to ‘burn off energy”