Fiction and Poetry

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Fiction and Poetry
Writing Course
Course CodeINCW
Year Opened2007
Sites OfferedLAN, SCZ
Previously OfferedCAR, LOU, SUN
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Course Description

Description found on CTY site:

Saul Bellow said, "A writer is a reader moved to emulation.” This course draws inspiration from the published works, journals, and drafts of writers such as Alice Munro, John Updike, Rita Dove, and Li-Young Lee. As a class, we’ll learn to read like writers by examining a range of content, styles, structures, and techniques. You’ll debate the distinction between the realistic and the fantastic in works such as Gabriel García Márquez’s I Sell My Dreams and the value of imagery in Elizabeth Bishop’s The Fish. While writing short fiction and poetry in various forms, we’ll workshop drafts with your classmates under the guidance of your instructor, building a community that fosters your development as writers. You’ll not only learn to tactfully give and receive criticism, but also to refine your work, building a common understanding of how voice, style, and structure constitute strong poetry and prose.

Note: This course focuses on realistic literary fiction and poetry. The genres of science fiction, fantasy, romance, and mystery are not part of this course.

Class History

LAN 15.2

The members of this insanely well-behaved, well-loved by instructor Jack and TA Juli, and generally extremely model class included Joi, Alicia, Emily, Evelyn, Rachel, Sam, Olivia, Samira, Ryan, Julia, Claire, Kerry, Theodora, and Victoria. Break times with this class were seriously pleasant, including lovely dramatic readings of My Immortal and fangirling over unfortunate targeted camper Daniel Ma. May his rec specs live on in glory. The class read Walt Whitman out in the grass, took a trip to the farmer's market, cried over sand and snow, and generally became very close in the course of the short three weeks they spent together. A Cornell snapback, a sequin hat sent as part of the Muse package, and a white baseball hat were passed around from sweaty scalp to sweaty scalp during the session. It was not very sanitary. The group took on the name of Waka Waka due to one particularly memorable time when Jack said, well, waka waka and it just happened to be treasured forever. It even became the subtitle class's end of session anthology, while "Fickey Mouse Poe House" became the title. Other titles considered were "Fic the World Cause It's My Poe" (inspired by a line in All Time Low's Missing You), "Leaves of Trash", "Fic Poe Nail Clippers", "You Can Fic My Poe", "Fic Too Poemb", "If I Could Fic One Body Part to Cut Off, It'd Be My Big Poe" and "Fickey Poes". At one point, the class had a count-off in which they spelled out Fiction & Poetry, however, due to the generally inattentive nature of the class, it failed miserably. Notable works of art during the session included Olivia's surprisingly incredibly well-written WhitBeouf fanfiction, Sam constantly wanting to write about a girl called Donna stripping and dancing, and Emily's hardcore mailman x mailbox fanfiction. Watch out for the arm hairs as they bristle the roof of your mouth, darlings. I used to be a sequin. I don't wanna talk about it. Long live Fic Poe!

LAN 16.2

The two teachers of this class were tasked with putting up with some of the most hyperactive children on campus, with the exception of future lorekeeper Tyler. The lovingly disorganized teacher Kate and down to earth TA Katie did a (fairly) good job of reining in the class, and making the three weeks at least somewhat intellectual. Breaks often consisted of long, swear-laced games of ERS or BS, and Pokemon Go on the steps of the library. Class was filled with memories, drawing Sarah's hall and only boy Tyler closer together. The class cried over hot air balloon assisted suicide, cried again over Mia's spoken word masterpiece, and cried many times in-between, but were giving a good shoulder by the other classmates. Some other memorable experiences include the reading of Good Country People, (lovingly dubbed "Good Kinky People" by the class) RA Mikes impeccable timing during one of the worse crying moments, the extremely expensive magazine/reader, and the most competitive word game ever conceived, as well an undying obsession with the wobble and corn dog queen Waverly [hey roomie]. Trips to the bookstore were spent well, and the visit to the farmers market ended in Katherine getting lost by her partners. The session ended with the creation of comic books, featuring the ever dark adventures of Fern and CT-WHY, a CTY inspired comic featuring the (slightly altered) adventures of Sarah's hall. Overall, the session was memorable, and created a hopefully long lasting group of CTY friends.

ELLIE FUCKING CLARK MY BABY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH FOR WRITING THIS HOLY SHIT!!! ANyways yes, INCW 16.2 was without a doubt the greatest group of people that has ever walked the face of this planet, and these revolutionary individuals somehow managed to all end up together and manifest their collective badass-ness into one single family of love and mint oreos (though those two things are the exact same thing). These people are neon hedgewolf family (+ a random emo kid named Tyler) who love and accept each other unconditionally, and will willingly (most of the time) perform the official hedgewolf dance with pride. If Ellie or Wave or Emma or Alia or Guilia or Katherine or Maria or Izzy or Elizabeth or Tyler is reading this, I love you all so so so so so so so much. Thanks for letting me make you cry, and thanks for returning the favour :) I've never felt more comfortable and more accepted by a group of individuals. Tacos and eggplants, baby :) Miss you more than mint oreos (almost). - Mia your resident homie Asian girl

LAN 18.1

Fiction and Poetry of 18.1, or "Fic Poe" was taught by Valerie Briscoe and TA Rebekkah LaBlue. The FicPoe girls affectionately referred to themselves as "the thicc hoes of ficpoe" or alternatively "the thicc chicks of ficpoe". The session kicked off with classmate Serena Li's hyperrealistic legs drawn on top of cartoonish chicken faces (thicc chicks), an image that persisted through the session as the ficpoe mascot -- continuing through one of the dances, when many of the ficpoe girls of Sara's hall (the BEST RA EVER) had Serena draw thicc chicks on their thighs or arms. Later on in the session, the class adopted phrases from the leg meme (see such as "they tried to put me on the cover of vogue, but my legs were TOO LONG" and "i'm legendary, all legs, no dairy" and later "what's on the menu at the hotel arkansas? LEGS!". These were frequently shouted while walking to/from class, much to the dismay of Valerie.

Highlights of ficpoe 18.1 include ficpoe student Felix's plant fetish, (Felix's plant fetish fan insta: "felixisaplantfetish") lots of impromptu sidewalk singing during breaks, and freaking out about how good everyone else's short stories were. During one of the hall bondings for the ficpoe girls, many of the girls in the hall learned the dance to popular Chinese song, 小苹果. This song was later played at the last dance, during which the ficpoes did the dance together.

What's on the menu at Hotel Arkansas? LEGS

legs legs whats on the menu legs lgesg whats on the manu

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