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RA stands for residential assistant. They act as counselors would at any other camp; they live with their charges, eat with them, and keep 'em in line. They supervise the Halls and provide structure to Hall Bonding. RAs are in charge of weekly and daily activities, and organize Mandatory Fun. Some of them are former CTYers themselves, and some later become TAs/Instructors. RAs are collectively supervised by a team of SRA's, who in turn serve under the Dean of Residential Life (or DRL).

TA, LA, and PA stand for Teaching Assistant, Lab Assistant, and Program Assistant respectively. These are the people who help the Instructor teach classes, and are often in charge of the nightly Study Hall and grading papers. JHU uses the term TA to refer to non-science assistants, the term LA to refer to lab science course assistants, and the term PA to refer to instructional assistants at CAA. However, some sites use only one term (TA) for all assistants to Instructors.

Instructors are the teachers of classes, which seems obvious. Instructors often change every year; however, some come back year after year, much like some RAs and TAs (Pomm and Timmer of Number Theory at Lancaster are a prime example, as well as Brian and Tim of Ethics and [formerly] Logic at LMU).

At each site, there are usually several RAs, TAs, Instructors, or Site Directors that are loved and/or loathed (and therefore also loved) by all. Some of these staff members become legends of sorts, and inevitably have many stories and fanbases built around them. Details and stories about these staff members can be found in the staff page of the respective site:

NOTE: Any staff member who wishes to have some or all of the information on his/her own staff entry removed should contact the site administrator to request deletion.