Kill Murray/Save Murray

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Kill Murray/Save Murray is a game that was introduced by RAs Matt and Drew as an activity during CAR.06.1. Danny (Yoyoman), Paul, Rachel, and Taylor attended this activity, as did other cultists, and spread its wonder to the rest of the CTY populace.

It is a game played by two people, on a piece of paper, using three markers, or, if these aren't available, using words.

These are the story and rules of KM/SM.

Once there were two gods, one evil and one good. The evil god made a bet with the good god, "I bet I can kill Murray, and there's nothing you can do to stop me". The good god accepted his challenge. Murray is a hapless human being who thinks these deaths and savings are just random occurrences of his life. These are the rules to KM/SM.

  1. The evil god wields a red marker, and the good god a green. Murray is a stick figure drawn with a brown marker.
  2. The evil god must draw something that will kill Murray. The good god must then draw something that will save Murray.
  3. If the evil god fails to do something that will kill Murray, or the good god fails to save him, that player loses.
  4. Murray cannot be given godlike powers, or have unexplained magical effects happen to him, such as: "Murray stops falling to his death, and floats in the air." Any such floating must have an explanation, be it a hoverpack, hummingbird, or a trampoline on a hoverpack, etc.
  5. There is a time limit. If a player cannot think of something in the required amount of time (usually about 10 seconds), then that player loses. A player has to be drawing or talking sensibly to stop the timer; just saying, "Um..." won't help.
  6. No unstoppable force may be used. Murray cannot have magical armor that weighs nothing, fits him perfectly, cannot be destroyed, cannot be taken off, and prevents him from dying. Murray also cannot just be transported straight to Hell, thus killing him.
  7. You may not invoke other gods, or godlike beings.
  8. It goes against the rules to re-use any item once it has been removed from the playing field. The only exception to this rule is the usage of spikes. Spikes can be used as many times as either player wants to either kill or save.
  9. It is best to play with an audience, who then serves as a judge, telling players if their solution is unlawful, they've run out of time, or anything else.
  10. Also, no Chuck Norris. You know why.

Also, on the last day of Ancient Greek (CAR.06.1), a memorable game of quote Kill Odysseus, Save Odysseus unquote was played, ending with Odysseus becoming Odysseon, thus becoming neuter, thus neither alive nor dead. The game ended in a tie.

Unfortunately, in an insult to the sheer awesomeness of the First Session activity (which included such memorable quotes as "Good thing it runs on gerbil power," "But Murray was a firm believer in the laws of physics and he made the pole fall the other way," and "Unfortunately, Dick Cheney appeared and thought Murray was a quail," the Session 2 activity sucked horribly.

In Car.10.2, bashing became popular. The evil god would attempt to drop things from the pyramids of giza to Imperial star destroyers on Murray. Hundreds of tons of things were dropped on murray from extremely high altitude. The defender would often run out of ways to stop the falling items and the evil god would win.

Kill Murray/Save Murray has made a triumphant return to CTY, crossing the country and finding a home in sunny Los Angeles at CTY LMU.