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Who I Am

Hey kids, I'm Hudson, and I was the Friend at LAN 18.1 so if you saw a dude wearing rainbow suspenders that's probably me. Andrew Zhou is my squirrel father and teacher in the ways of bow ties and kazoos. If you need someone to talk to, hmu, and be sure to talk to me at session. I also was an Emperor as well as the Doctor at SAR 18.2, so I did my best to help organize session, and built the TARDIS in my room the night before (whoops). I also bought the rainbow bow tie that will be passed down with the suspenders. If you know me, you can leave a comment on my page because why not?

Notable Things

  • Friend at LAN 18.1 (added a rainbow bow tie which symbolizes rebirth)
  • Emperor at SAR 18.2
  • Doctor at SAR 18.2 (without watching Doctor Who, or being artistic. Wow I'm really not qualified (Update: I was right))
  • Stood at the door on love tape day and put love tape on ALMOST everyone 17.1, and everyone who consented 18.1, because I wasn't gonna force tea down someone's throat
  • Got 6 blammo kills 17.2
  • Played a kazoo rendition of My Heart Will Go On for talent show 17.2 with Elan Peng and Alan Wang
  • Part of the Hudthan ship
  • Creator of some high quality 18.1 position holder memes
  • Amateur fanfiction writer
  • Brought Justin Su to session, he's p cool
  • Had a dead cockroach for a roommate
  • Adopted Matthew and Kristy my amazing children
  • Brought the orb in the center of Brightside to SAR
  • Got 6 blammo kills 18.2, resulting in a tie for second place with my sister Ashley (Who's now blammo goddess!)
  • Climbed Jonsson Tower in 57.2 seconds (only up bc I'm not a fast boi)

Last Supper Speech

Hey, I’m Hudson, also known as Hugson, Hugdaddy, Hudboi, Hudbabe, and Hudbitch. I was the friend this session, which meant I was supposed to help out these other lovely people, but also go out and meet as many people as humanly possible in three weeks. Throughout this time period I met so many amazing people, ones that I am sure I will keep in touch with for a very long time, as well as people I wouldn’t normally hang out with. This experience has taught me so much about how to interact with people, who I am, and just generally improved me as a person. It’s such a stark contrast between me two years ago, where I only knew the people in my hall and class, and now, where I know such a large number of y’all. And that’s CRAZY. Thank you all for making this a great session. I love you all.

LAN Passionfruit Speech

(First paragraph was improv’d bc I didn’t like how I wrote it) Hey y’all, I’m Hudson, and for this year I was the Friend. The Friend is a position that embodies the friendships made at CTY, and tries to introduce themselves to as many people as possible, whether on the first day, the last day, or any time in between, their duty is to make everyone feel included. The person who I am passing this down to is certainly kind enough for it, and I know they’ll be able to fulfill this role to its fullest extent. I am proud to pass this down to Sylvie Wolff, your friend for 19.1!

When I first came to CTY two years ago, I was antisocial, awkward, and generally an annoyance. Looking back at that now, I can really see how much I’ve changed and grown since then. And I really think I can attribute a lot of that to this camp. After my year of being antisocial in 16.1 (Shoutout to Richard, Andrew and the rest of the 16.1 hall), I reached out to the 17.1 trinity and Tseela, and it was probably the best decision I ever made. By doing that, I was able to break out of my shell a little bit, and grow into the person that I am today. I learned to rave, talk to authority figures, talk to people in general, and just have become a more compassionate person in general. I also met SO many amazing people, like all the nomores over there, the onemores, who are gonna make 19.1 even better than 18.1, the RA’s, who do so much to make sure we’re safe and comfortable, the dining staff, who cleans up after us, and SO many others. I also met my two children, Kristy and Matt, who mean the world to me.

But now I have to leave. And that’s scary, frightening, awful, and any other negative adjective you could think of. I don’t feel ready to leave yet. I want to spend more time at my favorite place in the world, with my favorite people. But I can’t.

But just because I am leaving here doesn’t mean any of the things I’ve learned, friendships I’ve made, or memories I’ve made stay here. They will always hold a special place in my heart. And even so, CTY is a community, not a particular place. And even though I’m leaving the place that holds a lot of meaning to me, I’ll never leave the community that makes CTY so enjoyable. I like you, I love you, I CTY you. I love CTY, and I love the passionfruit.

Class History

16.1 LAN

Course: Fast-Paced High School Biology B
Instructor: Shaun
RA: Richard
Hallmates: Dhanush, Rowan, Will, Wesley, Raymond, Andrew Z., Andrew A. Christopher, Thomas, Noah, Liam, Daniil
Classmates: Dhanush, Rowan, Will, Wesley, Raymond, Annette, Olivia F., Olivia J., Ananya, Olivia, Katherine, Catherine, Dara, Daniil

16.2 SAR

Course: Fundamentals of Computer Science
Instructor: Matthew
TA: Enoch
RA: Scott
Hallmates: Bill, Evan, Zach, Kevin, Rishabh, Rohan, John, Felix, Henry, Alan, Chris, Peter
Classmates: Bill, Evan, Zach, Kevin, Rishabh, Rohan, John, Felix, Sasha, Kaylee, Marissa, Joy, Irene

17.1 LAN

Course: Data Structures and Algorithms
Instructor: Dr. Lamprecht
TA: Chris
RA: Daniel
Hallmates: Rohan S., Felix, Noah, Rohan K., Eeshan, Sasha, Ryan
Classmates: Rohan S., Felix, Noah, Rohan K., Eeshan, Sasha, Ryan, Aidan, Gage, Ryan K., Elliot, Stephen, Bill, Connor, Daniel, Lara

17.2 SAR

Course: Fast-Paced High School Chemistry
Instructor: Dr. Everett
TA: Ievgen
RA: Dan Bell
Hallmates: Richard, Edward, Elijah, Noah, Max, John, Eamon, Ameer, Alan, Albert, Ethan, Yussef
Classmates: Richard, Edward, Elijah, Noah, Olivia, Jasmine, Alexandra, Emily

18.1 LAN

Course: Fast-Paced High School Physics B (PhysBee)
Instructor: Ethan Hansen
TA: Avery German
RA: Bryce
Hallmates: Michael, Riley, Alex, Christian, Junda, Nghia, Lawrence, Samuel, Dylan
Classmates: Riley, Michael, Alex, Anika, Melissa, Erin, Jasmine, Cindy, Preeti, Gigi, Dana

18.2 SAR

Course: Cognitive Psychology
Instructor: John
TA: Al
RA: Nick
Hallmates: Theo, Misha, Albert, Chris, Thomas, Elliot, Ryan, Harish, Devansh, Rohin, Larry
Classmates: Theo, Misha, Albert, Inga, Sophie, Nava, Haesu, Iris, Ella, Yvonne, Amita, Grace, Michelle


infernal kazoo noises - AZ

Eternal Kazoo Noises - Elizabeth

"The bowtie symbolizes rebirth." Hudson is = or > rebirth. - Tseela

Hudson is hella cool - Yaurie

Keep being super awesome, buddy! I’ll miss you next year. - Nina

Hey look. It’s hugdaddy! I love you. 💕- Ceci

Hey. Sneaking in with my green duct-tape. You don't know me and we've never met in person, but I know of you and appreciate everything you've done for the community during your years on and off campus. I respect you as a fellow CTYer and position holder and wish you the best in any future endeavors. - Switch Switch tape.png


You're probably scrolling through RealCTY because you're either going through PCTYD, at session, or just lost in the internet. So, I'll just suggest some cool people to look into and write a brief description, mostly as a way therapeutic way to commemorate my CTY experience, all you people made my experience amazing. This is not a definite list of people, just those with pages on this site, because if I wrote about everyone, I'd never stop writing. This is kinda in the order they made their pages, I took some liberties with that:

  • Andrew - My squirrel father, one of the main reasons I'm so goddamn invested in this nerd camp, also bow tie and kazoo aficionado (sorry, he's the OG)
  • Victoria - My squirrel godmother, I think? Regardless, she's one of the nicest people I've ever met, and a really good role model.
  • Will M. (Note: Will has two accounts, so they're both linked in the name)- Outside of my squirrel year, the first person I really talked to from CTY, and really helped make 17.1 an amazing session for me, and I'm forever indebted to him.
  • Annie - Even though we were both at 16.1, we never actually met at session. However, she's been an amazing friend to me outside of session, and my CTY experience would not be the same without her.
  • Daisy (Note: Daisy has two accounts, so they're both linked in the name)-