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Lancaster has the most student positions of any site, due to being one of the most tradition heavy. This is not a complete list of all positions, only those not accorded their own page. For a list of all Lancaster positions, see Lancaster Positions.

If a position appears to be missing, it may have been moved to the Lancaster Memories page. Once a position has lasted for over five years- long enough that everyone originally around during its creation has aged out- it may be considered for a move to this page. This pruning is due to the shameless egotism that has sprung up over the last decade regarding positions.

Both Sessions


Quotebook spans both sessions. The duties of the person who holds the quotebook are to record funny, inspirational, or just plain weird things that are said at LAN in his or her quotebook, and then publish them for all to see on the internet after CTY. When a holder of the quotebook nomores or nevermores out, their quotebook will be passed down to someone who is coming back the next year and is willing to carry the duties out.

The Quotebook was passed down at Passionfruit for the first time at 13.2 but may be passed through whatever method is most convenient to the outgoing quotekeeper.

It began in 08.1, when two year tragedy Zoe M. noticed the multitude of quotable sayings being said wherever she went in Lancaster. Due to the lack of computers and her bad memory, she forgot most of them. Therefore, a quotebook made of notebook paper was created and decorated. It filled up within three days, as well as started to fall apart. A new, sturdy, 80 page mini notebook was bought and decorated. 250 quotes were collected in 08.1, and about 550 were collected the next year. At the end of the session, quotebooks were passed to twomore Marnie P. of second session and a onemore of first session. Due to some necessary position switching, is unknown if second session will continue to have a book.

The Quotebook has proven tricky to keep continuous between sessions, as in 11.1 when there was no Quotebook until the second week when it was realized that there was no Quotekeeping being done. Even if there is no strictly passed-down Quotebook, it is true that wherever there are CTYers, funny things being said, and notebooks for sale, there will be a quotebook

All quotebooks should in theory be transcribed on the userpages of the quotekeepers.

After 14.2, Diana Halikias and Sam Mauro (the 15.2 quotebook keeper) created a tumblr for Lancaster Session 2's quotes. It can be found at http://lancasterquotebook.tumblr.com/

Daniel Rock kept quotes on a sheet of looseleaf paper. His successor purchased a lovely leatherbound unlined notebook to keep quotes in. Many recent Quotebook keepers take submissions before Last Supper (when quotes are read). A good place to hear funny quips and quotations is Acting Improv, where many Keepers go for inspiration.

After 19.1, Grace Chen and Deirdre Cunniffe (the 19.1 and 20.1 quotebook keepers) created a page to upload the quotes of the quotebook for all to enjoy.


Session 1:

Session 2:

  • 09.2: Marnie P.
  • 10.2: Tess Harty
  • 11.2: Marnie P.
  • 12.2: Maria Shea
  • 13.2: Lydia Bobbitt
  • 14.2: Diana Halikias
  • 15.2: Sam Mauro
  • 16.2: Ashley Wells
  • 17.2: Vijay Subramanian
  • 18.2: Lauren Raziano
  • 19.2: Camille Gonzalez
  • 21.1: -
  • 22.2: Ellie Hwang (unofficial)

Session 1

See also: Current LAN.1 Position Holders

Jack Flash

Jack Flash is a First Session position. Their main duty is the organization and management of the stringers and breakdancers during songs such as James Brown is Dead, Sandstorm, etc. Jack Flash will always be a nomore glowsticker, preforming in the circle along with other glowstickers and breakdancers. Jack Flash is also charged with promoting and teaching glowsticking among the students. Lastly, Jack Flash will play the role of Jack Flash in the students' circle during American Pie.

The first Jack Flash was Wes McClung, who saw the need for the position and created it in 08.1, his nomore year. The position was passed down to J. T. Booth ("Mongoose") in the form of the orange glowstick used for American Pie during 2nd saturday dance in 08.1. The one used during the last dance exploded in a shower of pure CTY awesomeness.

In 11.1, a very awesome and PLUR-tastic raver had to leave CTY mid-session and bequeathed upon then-Jack Flash Ajay Nadig a pair of chain raving nun-chuks. Made of precisely 44 42 chain links each (the perfect length!), Ajay chose to pass these down as the new Jack Flash relic to Logan C. One of these was unfortunately lost during 14.1 when they were stolen to distract the Jack Flash from holding his Blammo spoon. The popular belief is that it was picked up by a sports camp participant. Spencer McClung made a much longer and heavier chain with 42 links as a substitute. Ariel Uy replaced the chain with a nearly identical one to the original.

Jack Flash is apparently associated with hats. Glib Dolotov wore a red fedora in 13.1, which he popped off his head whenever he sat on a candlestick at dances. This was passed, and each Jack Flash has passed a different hat. Spencer passed his bear hat, Sara Nill passed a Cookie Monster baseball cap, Ariel passed a JHU bluejays cap, Tseela passed on a blue Snapback, and Matt passed a Santa hat along with a white jacket.

Jack Flashes:

Lanyard Stack

The lanyard stack is a collection of many lanyards and name cards accumulated through the years since 2009. It is meant to represent collecting the memories of CTY over the years. According to Rudy Garcia, it was never actually meant to be passed down at Passionfruit but only as a low-key artifact, although passing at Passionfruit started in 14.1, when Thomas passed it to Steven along with a half gallon of bad Turkey Hill lemonade. The keeper is expected to add their lanyard from the previous year to the stack. It is rather cumbersome to wear, although most keepers wear it around their necks and with the lanyards braided in an effort to ease the burden. They are then unbraided for Passionfruit. Thomas would loop it around his shoulder.

Holders of the Lanyards:

  • 09.1: Elena Karras
  • 10.1: Julian Weiss
  • 11.1: Rudy Garcia
  • 12.1: Zoe Colbert
  • 13.1: Zoe Colbert
  • 14.1: Thomas Haines
  • 15.1: Max Lee (when Steven Zhou did not return)
  • 16.1: Matthew Li
  • 17.1: Sarah Michelsen
  • 18.1: Aradhana Bannerji (originally Maya Spencer)
  • 19.1: Jessica Fox
  • 20.1: Sam Naiman
  • 21.1: -
  • 22.1: -
  • 23.1: Eleanor Ewald
  • 24.1: Nora


The Cloak is a majestic article of black velvet. It is silver on the inside. A student who went by Vlad but whose real name was Brian wore this cloak every day without exception throughout 13.1. The cloak took on a distinct CTY smell. Vlad explained at Passionfruit that the cloak was given to him by his squirrel year roommate. He passed the cloak/cape to a onemore. The Cloak Bearer is not required to wear the cloak; they are simply required to own it. The third owner of the cloak, John Isaac Boland, said that the bearer should simply pick a thing to be and be it as much and as hard as possible. As of 22.1, the cloak has become synonymous with Satan The position of Satan, created in 01.1, died when Brenton Whiting failed to pass it down in 2012, while the Cloak became a relic in 10.1. Because they hold similar roles and had nearly no overlap as separate positions, the American Pie role of Satan was combined with the relic of the Cloak in 22.2, sortof bringing the position back. See Cloak Satans (01.1-12.1, 22.1-present)/Wearers of the Cloak (10.1-present):

  • 01.1: Adam Roush
  • 02.1: Gabe Slamovits
  • 03.1: Jon Napolitano
  • 04.1: Jeremy Berkowitz
  • 05.1: Zev Hurwich
  • 06.1: Zev Hurwich
  • 07.1: Zev Hurwich
  • 08.1: Everett "Ev" Maus
  • 09.1: Joe Lodin
  • 10.1: James "Turtle" Buckland (Satan), Evan Connor (Cloak)
  • 11.1: Rudy Garcia (Satan), Brian "Igor" DeRose (Cloak)
  • 12.1: Brenton Whiting (Satan), Brian "Igor" DeRose (Cloak)
  • 13.1: Brian "Igor" DeRose
  • 14.1: John Isaac Boland
  • 15.1: Grace Drake
  • 16.1: Sophia "Elphie" Hager
  • 17.1: Alex Baxter
  • 18.1: Kerry Colford (when Misah Edwards could not return)
  • 19.1: Julien Goodrich (when Alex Young could not return)
  • 20.1: Alex Rhoman
  • 21.1: -
  • 22.1: Sophia Chen
  • 23.1: Ray Yang
  • 24.1: Emerson Forrest


During a game of Truth or Dare among COGN-A 13.1 students, Ciara Donegan dared Andrew Moore and a few other classmates to drink bubble mix, not expecting anyone to actually do it. However, they did, and they repeated the stupidity every year following during the Thanksgiving Feast, a tradition started by Kristin Donegan in 14.1. In 15.1, Andrew bought shot glasses from the bookstore, so at the Thanksgiving Feast, he and other CTYers took shots of bubble mix. At Passionfruit, the shotglasses were used to take shots of SKL. Andrew, at the suggestion of the Trinity, then passed them to onemore Victoria Provost, officializing the item.

The shot glass holders have a reputation for being slightly off their rockers.

During 15.2, the stunt was repeated (carrying the tradition to session 2) along with the Thanksgiving feast by Andrew and other double-sessioners. Unexpectedly, large amounts of people decided to try a shot and the feast got rather out of hand. This caught the negative attention of DRL Will. At Passionfruit 15.2, the RAs attempted to suppress the passing of the position by preventing Andrew from speaking, but the item was passed down to Apurva afterwards anyway to Apurva Memani. However, the tradition did not continue at 16.2. The holder of the shot glasses, in addition to taking shots, organizes the Thanksgiving feast.

At 16.1, Victoria led the CTYers in taking shots of a mixture of watermelon, watermelon juice, SKL, and cream soda. When a student suggested that the supreme watermelon overlord who sacrifices Carol should be a position, it was decided that the annual sacrifice of Carol the Watermelon should be forever continued. Rather than create a new position, the two current ringleaders of Carol and Thanksgiving decided to merge their duties and add the killing of Carol to the responsibilities of Shots in the future.

After the fiasco at 15.2, admin declared that the ingestion of bubble mix was strictly forbidden. Shprinkles was reminded of this at the start of 16.1 with a stern warning. In light of the situation, the Thanksgiving Feast-goers took shots of lemon juice (as it was deemed to be similarly awful), SKL, and different combinations of the two. Admin was fine with this.

At 18.1, Justin Su was unable to buy lemon juice, and instead brought a bottle of white vinegar to Thanksgiving. Everyone present took shots (some students watered theirs down), and the bottle was emptied. No students were harmed during this time.

At 19.1, Sam Schulman brought a great amount of lemon juice to the session to prevent make sure vinegar shots never happened again. However, much to the unawareness of Sophia Ribeiro, Matthew Maung drank all the lemon juice on his own before Thanksgiving. Therefore, the shots were done with Schnaderade, which had been made by Sophia during dinner and kept cool over an AC Unit until quad time. Despite it not tasting as awful as expected, this is not recommended. Please bring lemon juice and make sure nobody drinks it. Please.

Session 1:

Session 2

See also: Current LAN.2 Position Holders

King James

The position of King/Queen James is very similar to the position of Jack Flash. King James is a glowsticking position, that is bestowed on a glowsticker who embodies P.L.U.R., demonstrates their passion for glowsticking in their performance, and shares the artistry of glowsticking with the greater community whether through teaching or otherwise. They are more of a rallying point and encouraging, positive force in the glowsticking community as well as a leader. Even so, King James should ensure that the rave circle is always big enough to give everyone enough space to rave and ensure that two rave songs are played at each dance. This position was created in 2010 session 2 by Sam Fomon. During "James Brown is Dead" at the last dance of 10.2, instead of passing on her James Brown Lives jacket, she coronated Ryan Cebulko as King James I using a luminous crown she had fashioned from a plastic gold crown and EL-wire. This is to be the relic for King James, and each wearer of the crown should ideally add something shiny, flashy, and/or glow-y to the crown to make it even more seizure-inducing in the rave circle. King/Queen James is not necessarily given to a onemore, yet the recipient is encouraged to wear the crown for only one year and then pass it on in ceremony at the final "James Brown is Dead" of session. Jackie Liu made the crown anew, styled after the first, to guarantee its longevity and wearability, no matter whose cranium it cradles.

King/Queen James:

  • 10.2: Sam Fomon
  • 11.2: Ryan Cebulko, King James I
  • 12.2: Jackie Liu, King James II
  • 13.2: Chris Hough Deane, King James III
  • 14.2: Dan Fu, King James IV (when Lou Lindsay, Regent James, did not return)
  • 15.2: Dan Fu, King James IV (he decided to keep the crown)
  • 16.2: Darren Wang and Sanjay Subramanian, Co-King James V
  • 17.2: Jason Chang, King James VI (when Miles Mikofsky did not return)
  • 18.2: Vijay Subramanian, King James VII
  • 19.2: Ceci Skinner Grant and Kat Liang (unable to return), Co-King James VIII
  • 20.2: Chris Butulis, King James IX
  • 21.2: -
  • 22.2: Jess Rondinella, King James X
  • 23.2: Eleanor Ewald, King James XI
  • 24.2: Annie Ehrlich, King James XII

Squirrel of the Year

Example is a CD by a band called For Squirrels. It was discovered in the fall of 2006 by Ariel Hyre, who simply could not leave it where she found it. She brought it back to Lancaster in 07.2, her nomore year, with the intent of passing it on to a worthy squirrel who had the intention of returning. The disc is to be bestowed on a squirrel at Passionfruit of Second Session at Lancaster, one who has approached CTY with great energy and enthusiasm and who plans to return the following year. For this reason, this position is frequently referred to as Squirrel of the Year. Muskaan Garg, however, lost the CD. She redeemed herself by replacing the CD with a stuffed edamame toy as a play on words of the acronym for Squirrel of the Year, SOY.

Holders of For Squirrel/Edamames:

Between these two SOYs, the "For Squirrels" album was lost forever....


Duct Tape Dress Wearer

The Duct Tape Dress was created by Yulia Korovikov in Second Session of 2007. The dress is very shiny and of quite good quality, though it requires frequent repair. Yulia decided to pass down the dress at Passionfruit to Ellie Kladky, whom she, along with many others, felt deserved a special item and title for her nomore year. Ellie returned in 08.2 and treated the dress as a friendly gift rather than a weighty tradition, and so gave it to Lena Beckenstein after the Passionfruit was over to avoid the trend of making empty traditions. However, the dress managed to survive and continues to be passed down. In 09.2, when Dennis Cowan received the dress, there were some issues with getting it to fit. Because of this, the dress was remade with velcro down one side so as to be easier to put on and take off. In 14.2, when October Henley wore the dress, it was discovered that the velcro had been inside out for years, and had accumulated all of its adornments on the wrong side. It was refurbished right-side out, every major fixture transplanted to the new front. As of 15.2, the dress now sports pockets in an attempt both to make the dress easier to wear with regards to the joys of being able to place things in them (up to and including an entire roll of duct tape!), as well as to hopefully prevent another inside-out incident. In 19.2, a very large tote bag made of construction paper and duct tape was made by Maia Hubscher and added to the costume after she realized that people would wait until love tape day to ask to borrow duct tape, so wearers could carry around tons of rolls to give out during the day, and also store the dress if the wearer got uncomfortably hot during the course of the day. The Duct Tape Dress has been associated with enthusiasm, whether it is for CTY culture, sketchiness, or just doing as the wearer pleases, no matter how off the beaten path it is, as well as the encouragement of such behavior in others. Since 13.2, it has begun to collect love tape every love tape day.


Kiwi Backpack

The Kiwi Backpack was first given as a kindergarten gift from a boy known by his nick name "Kiwi" to his best friend, Hang-Hang, who was nicknamed "Strawberry". Hang-Hang carried around the backpack for ten years and was rarely seen without it; it was almost an extra limb, both at home and when he came to CTY. At CTY, he met Dan Russotto, and at Passionfruit of session two, 2010, Hang-Hang passed it down to Dan, his willingness to part with the navy backpack with "KIWI" embroidered on the front the ultimate symbol friendship. The backpack continues to symbolize friendship imparted; in the words of Louie Brown, "Basically, [the backpack symbolizes] someone who is a friend, someone who will always have your back, who will always be there to talk with you when you're down, when you need a shoulder or a voice in your life."

Holders of the Kiwi Backpack:

  • 10.2: Hang-Hang
  • 11.2: Dan Russotto
  • 12.2: Jess Hui
  • 13.2: Louie "Chopsticks" Brown
  • 14.2: Caroline Allen
  • 15.2: Isaiah Cole
  • 16.2: Rosemary Wonnell (when Sam Mauro couldn't return)
  • 17.2: Alex Burnside
  • 18.2: Claire Davis
  • 19.2: Alexandra Mendelsohn
  • 20.2: Fiona Neibart
  • 21.2: -
  • 22.2: -
  • 23.2: Lucy Halstead
  • 24.1: Dina Black

Defunct Positions and Passed Items

Some items or positions that have been passed down have not been revived or continued. Most of these positions are not likely to be brought up again. Here, they rest, until their records may be placed in a more proper location.


In 2013, Kayla (Dos) Ende passed her dearly beloved stuffed panda bear to Masha Zhdanova after Passionfruit. The holder of the Panda Bear (according to Masha) should be a low-key loving person. The Panda was passed for two years until Kayla expressed her desire to have it back, as she had not intended it to be anything official. The passing never occurred during Passionfruit but rather afterwards.

  • 13.1: Kayla (Dos) Ende
  • 14.1: Masha Zhdanova
  • 15.1: Chris Ponsa Nazario

Chester Q. Carter

Chester Q. Carter, or CQC, was the nickname of Loren Sherman, whose nomore session was 11.2. Loren was jokingly known for his status as "pimp" among his friends. Venya Mayakovsky, double-sessioning in his final year of 2012, informally declared himself CQC of 12.1. He then began considering making it an actual position. Loren's girlfriend, Hannah (still at CTY), spoke with Loren over the phone, and he gave his consent to CQC becoming a position. Venya did not give a Passionfruit speech at session 1, so even the ceremony of passing the position down was incredibly informal, although in the grand scheme of things, it could really be thought of as almost a joke position, but a position nonetheless. The purpose of the position is, as said by Venya and his successor Peter, is to teach the importance of independence and staying true to yourself and your own personal happiness, although not necessarily in a selfish manner. (But everyone knows it's really about getting all of the biddies.) The passed down item is intended to be a top hat (Loren is known for wearing one), but the top hat has yet to be purchased by the current positionholder.

CQC was apparently not passed


  • 11.2: Loren Sherman
  • 12.1: Venya Mayakovsky
  • 13.1: Peter Suh

The Guide

After the end of session 1 2011, Sam Cawkwell had the idea of creating a guide to CTY for squirrels to help them integrate more easily into the student culture. The guide is co-written by many wizards, but always led by the person who holds the position of The Guide. The passed down item is the master copy of the Guide itself from the previous year. For example, Sam passed down the 2012 edition of the Guide to Hannah Barclay. Unfortunately, Hannah did not return in 13.1, and the Guide was quietly phased out. It was generally considered by some (I emphasize the some) to be a useless addition to Lancaster's culture.

  • 12.1: Sam Cawkwell
  • 13.1: Hannah Barclay

The Pimp

The Pimp, or Master Pimp is a first session position. The duty of The Pimp is to use his/her insanely amazing sexiness to make other incredible CTYers feel loved, good about themselves, and unbearably sexy as well. The Pimp is often found in the center of pimp-lines and encourages other pimp-lines to form. S/he is a frequent giver of hugs and other public displays of affection.

Monogamy is not unheard of in the polygamous lifestyle of The Pimp, although it usually occurs toward the end of the session. The Pimp must keep in mind however, that loving one person more does not mean they have to love the rest of CTY less. If the Pimp is fortunate enough to form a relationship with an understanding and not particularly territorial CTYer, then he/she need not cease whoring off of everyone else. The Pimp should be a rather out-going CTYer who is loving, caring, and sexy beyond reason.

The role of the Pimp is a far less pronounced roles than the roles of most other Lancastrian positions. The position, in fact, is not even passed down during CTY, but is given a less official transfer via direct communication between past and present Pimps.


  • 07.1: Aaron Ladd
  • 08.1: Kate Wymbs (Ev Maus may have also done some pimping during 08.1; however, it was not official)

Bitch Bra

This article of clothing is a strapless, hot pink bra with seven claps. During Session 2 of 2007, this bra was forfeited/passed on to Maggie Farrell, as a twomore, by Nixxi Chen. The receiver of this bra is someone who is known as a 'bitch' because she speaks her mind. She also knows her way around inducing pain throughout a male's genitalia (just kidding...or am I?).

For purposes of making it CTYA, the significance behind this bra, asides from being the ruling Queen Bitch, is that the wearer knows how to make fun of themselves and not take things too seriously. However when her friends need her she's always the shoulder to cry on.

  • 2007: Nixxi Chen
  • 2008-2009: Maggie Farrell

Jay and Silent Bob

Jay and Silent Bob is a new tradition that may or may not be revived as seen fit. It all started on Halloween at CTY Lancaster Session 2 2006 when Cristina D'Ancona dressed up as Jay from the movies "Clerks", "Mallrats", "Dogma" and others. Immediately, her friend Peter Treadway caught the reference and changed his costume (originally it had been "emo") by borrowing a bathrobe and a hat and drawing a beard on his face with sharpie to represent Jay's infamous partner, Silent Bob. Jay and Silent Bob proceeded to terrorize the campus with their antics, their place in CTY history carved in stone.

The Jay and Silent Bob tradition is unique in that it CANNOT be passed on to the next generation of CTYers by the current Jay and Silent Bob. Anyone who wishes to continue the tradition only needs to don the costume, and play the part.

Risk Board

At Passionfruit of LAN 06.2, Greg Lawrence passed his Risk board which he'd used in previous years down to Vishal Mehta. The Board had been modified in Sharpie, changing the names of the oceans to various geographic locations at Franklin and Marshall, and the names of the continents to types of courses and groups of wizards. The idea behind it was that each bearer of the Board would cross out a territory's name and rename it.

Unfortunately, Vishal chose not to return to CTY in 2007. Instead, he chose to go to some medical study in California. As such, the Board is currently discontinued, and extremely unlikely to come back again.


The Hammertime has several definitions:

  1. The official time zone of CTY Lancaster Session 2, especially during Silent Football, but still applicable elsewhere.
  2. The time on the watch of Jeff Sachs, which may or may not correspond with CTY time.
  3. The time on the watch of the person wearing the Hammertime mood ring.

Unfortunately, Jeff has lost the mood ring, which he had planned on passing down to the next Keeper of the Hammertime.

Relatedly, during opening ceremonies at LAN.09.2, Matt the DRL declared, "CTY time is 7:21 p.m." supposedly neglecting to include the word "currently." This led many to respond throughout the session to the question, "What time is it?" with "7:21 p.m." along with the occasional "Hammertime," and also [un]officially established the time (in addition to the time zone) of Lancaster Session 2 as 7:21 p.m., Hammertime.

Origin of the Hammertime

Hammertime was created during a game of Silent Football during LAN.05.2, some time after music was declared existant within the universe.

During this game, MC Hammer's "Can't Touch This" was being played from a Kunkel balcony. The universe was dancing happily. Suddenly, horror of unspeakable horrors, a player wanted to know what time it was! Said player raised said player's hand and made said player's query, stating, "Mr. Dictator, what is the current time?" to which Mr. Dictator (Shea Levy) replied, "It is the Hammertime." To which the ever-curious player replied, "What is the current hammertime?" A certain player, Dr. Strangelove or: Etymologies SUCKS, was then called on and said, "Mr. Dictator, the current Hammertime is X:YZ." The term Hammertime was used repeatedly to ask this question, and the same player always had the answer. That player then made a request, saying, "Mr. Dictator I motion that the official time zone of the Universe be the Hammertime!" This motion was granted and has been enstated ever since.


Coconuts is a onemore position and typically goes to an individual with knowledge of traditions. Coconuts receives a pair of empty coconut shells covered in duct tape and leads the students for the Monk Walk during dinner on the last Wednesday. During Passionfruit, the Coconuts of the session usually comes up momentarily in order to pass on their item. The coconuts used to be a relic belonging to the Jester, along with the corresponding responsibilities, but became a separate position in 2010 when the current jester handed them (and the responsibility) to onemore Deena Alexander.


The Secretkeeper is Lancaster's only secret position. The identity of a Secretkeeper may only be revealed after that position holder's term has expired, and purely at their discretion, so naturally it is the least-known Lancaster position. Should the identity of a keeper be discovered prematurely, the discoverer shall become the new position holder immediately. Although the main duty of a Secretkeeper is to keep their identity classified, they are also expected to aid taxing positions such as the Blammo Gods or Jack Flash whenever possible. The position was created in 10.1 by Jessica Wyatt and was passed down to Lucy He for 11.1.

During 15.1, the Secretkeeper notebook was mysteriously found in the Alcove by RA Wes and later given to Asher Orner, apparently lost during the Monk Walk. Asher Orner presented the notebook at Passionfruit, but no one claimed it. Since the position holder has not revealed their identity for 2 years running, as is their prerogative, some assumed it to be dead. Asher Orner threw the book into the crowd. A Ctyanonymous post was made soon after by the 16.1 secret keeper, confirming that the position is still alive, and that they have a way to get the notebook back. However, no evidence of the position being alive has been seen since, which has been at least 3 years, it is still considered dead.


  • 10.1: Jessica Wyatt
  • 11.1: Lucy He
  • 12.1: [Undisclosed]
  • 13.1: Laura Sakon
  • 14.1: [Undisclosed]
  • 15.1: [Undisclosed]
  • 16.1: [Undisclosed]
  • 17.1: [Undisclosed]
  • 18.1: [Undisclosed]
  • 19.1: ???
  • 20.1: ???
  • 21.1: ???

The Friend

The Friend is a position which was created by Brenton Whiting at Passionfruit 12.1 and given to then one-more, Anna Mehrabyan. It should be passed down from a nomore to a onemore. The idea of The Friend, as said by Brenton, is simply to be a friend. Someone to talk to or rely on. The Friend represents the friendships that form and kinship that exists between the wizards at CTY. This person is meant to personify these things and to be willing to be anyone's friend when they need one. The passed down item is a pair of rainbow suspenders, because like the Friend, they are whimsical and when the time comes will hold your pants up. The suspenders were stolen in 17.1, but Hudson got a new set for 18.1 which happened to come with a rainbow bow tie, so he will pass that down as well.



The Rascal, formerly known as the Pedobear, is a session two position started with Loren Sherman who first passed down a teddy bear and position Pedobear to Venya Mayakovsky. However the Bear was lost. In 2012, a bear hat was given to Nick Richardson by Gia Rigoli. Nick decided to pass down the bear hat in place of the actual bear. Their job is to promote sketchiness and help the Fiend. Moreover, the Rascal is an advocate of experimentation for themselves and others, and is someone to cuddle with or be sketchy with, as long as you're comfortable. Note: the Rascal and Chester Q. Carter are positions created in the same year, by the same person, carried out the next year by the same person, but are distinct entities and occur over different sessions.


  • 12.2: Venya Mayakovsky
  • 13.2: Nick Richardson
  • 14.2: Andrea Tsao
  • 15.2: Mona Lee
  • 16.2: Claire Medina
  • 17.2: Gloria Herman
  • 18.2: Rene
  • 19.2: Maira Carloni
  • 20.2: Cyrus Marwaha

Egg Parent

The Egg Parent was originated at 15.2 by Elliot Grant. The Egg Parent is the camper responsible for ensuring that session two's pride parade goes forward and ensuring that the Equality Egg is given new tape on Love Tape Day.

The position itself was originated at 15.2, however, the artifact with which the position is passed down was created during 14.2, when Elliot was thrown into a popsickle stick crafting activity and created a giant egg out of duct tape and popsickle sticks. The egg was just that--an egg--until, during the first dance of 14.2, while Elliot and his friends were holding up the egg and chanting, a kid with a history of homophobia and sexism began to squeeze the egg, partially crushing it. Once the egg was repaired, it became known as the Equality Egg.

The position came about after Elliot, with the help of Hanna Hildebolt, Rosemary Wonell, Colin Sackett, and others, and with special thanks to R.A. Viv, were able to bring back CTY Pride. The idea was sparked first by Skylar Karzhevsky. CTY Pride occurs on Love Tape Day and features slightly modified Afterdance chants, both versions of which are listed in the Nomorenomicon. The egg is meant to be passed down quietly immediately following the parade. However, Jessica Kuleshov, the second egg parent, passed it down to Ky during Passionfruit.

Egg Parents:

  • 15.2: Elliot Grant
  • 16.2 Jessica Kuleshov
  • 17.2 Ky Lynch
  • 18.2 Archer Goodwyn
  • 19.2 Felix Brener
  • 20.2 Charlotte Price


The Fanhammer is a large hammer made from cardboard boxes wrapped neatly in grey duct tape, with a band of glow-in-the-dark duct tape wrapped around the base of the handle. It also has a duct-tape wrist loop at the end of the handle, which requires frequent repair. It is quite sturdy and is a viable weapon for bopping people with. The holder of the Fanhammer is a position usually given to a two-more, passed down very unofficially at some point near the end of the session or at passionfruit. The hammer was created by the hall of Max Franklin during 12.2, and the hammer was given to him to hold the following year, bearing the name "Mjolnir". Since then it has been customary for the holder of the Fanhammer to re-dub it with a name of their own choice. The holder of the hammer should carry it around during the session and use it to affectionately whack other CTYers.

Hammer Holders:

  • 12.2 Max Franklin, Chris Grossack, Theo Lipeles
  • 13.2 Max Franklin
  • 14.2 Milan Roberson
  • 15.2 Sophia Hager
  • 16.2 Annie Gleiberman (When Savannah Parrot could not return)
  • 17.2 Jake Landsman
  • 18.2 Jamie Landsman
  • 19.2 Savannah Neibart
  • 20.2 Cecily Wainstein


The Anglerfish was a flamboyant sparkly cowboy hat, with two glowsticks attached to the brim. It derives its name from a certain deep sea Lophiiforme. At Lancaster session 2, the Anglerfish is a sign of individuality and self confidence. It is traditionally worn at every dance and quad time. That was until the end of 18.2 when the cowboy hat was stolen—currently, Clara Robertson, former Anglerfish wearer, is working on a new artifact. The Anglerfish is held for the wearer’s onemore and nomore years.


  • 15.2: Ethan
  • 16.2-17.2: Russell Schwartz
  • 18.2-19.2: Clara Robertson
  • 20.2-21.2: Avery Lamprecht