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  • (next to date): The exact date is undefined, but it is the earliest date found for the course to be in.

Current Courses

Name Code Subject Type Opened Current Sites
International Politics POLY Humanities CTY 1985 CAR, JHU, LOS, SAR
Great Cases: American Legal History CASE Humanities CAA 1999 BRI, EST
Law and Politics in US History LAWP Humanities CTY 1996 CAR, JHU, LOS
Foundations of Psychology PSYC Humanities CAA 1996 BRI, EST, HAV, SCZ, SUN
Cognitive Psychology COGN Humanities CTY 1981* LAN, LOS, SAR, SUN
Introduction to Logic ILOG Humanities CAA 2000 BRI, EST, HAV, HKU, SCZ
Logic: Principles of Reasoning LOGC Humanities CTY 1985 JHU, LAN, LOS, SAR, SUN
Philosophy PHIL Humanities CAA 2003 HAV, SCZ, SUN
Exploring Ethics ETHC Humanities CTY 1997 CAR, LOS, SAR
Dissent DSET Humanities CTY 2006, 2018 CAR, LOS
Newton, Darwin, and Einstein NEDE Humanities CTY 1998, 2018 JHU
Existentialism: On Being Human EXIT Humanities CTY 2000 CAR
The Art and Science of Filmmaking ASFI Humanities CTY 2019 LAN
Bioethics BIOE Humanities CAA 1998 BRI, HAV
Etymologies ETML Humanities CAA (was CTY) 1981*, 2018 EST
Philosophy of Mind MIND Humanities CTY 2002 LAN
Linguistics: The Science of Language LNCS Humanities CTY 2013 JHU, LAN
Global Politics: Human Rights and Justice GPOL Humanities Special 2006 PRN
Human Nature and Technology HTEC Humanities Special 2006 PRN
Politics in the Middle East PSME Humanities Special (was CTY) 2011 PRN
Race and Politics RCPC Humanities Special (Was CAA) 2006 PRN
Whodunit?: Mystery and Suspense in Literature and Film WHOD Writing CAA 1998 BRI, EST, SCZ, SUN
Writing Your World WRT3, WRT1 Writing CTY 1980 JHU, LAN, LOS, SAR
Fiction and Poetry INCW Writing CTY 2007 CAR, LAN, SUN
Freaks and Geeks in Popular Media GEEK Writing CTY 2013 LAN
Crafting the Essay WRTG Writing CAA 1999 BRI, HAV, HKU, SCZ
The Graphic Novel GNOV Writing CAA 2007 HAV
Utopias and Dystopias TOPI Writing CTY 2009 LAN
Advanced Fiction FICT Writing CTY 1983* LAN
Politics and Film POLF Writing Special 2006 PRN
Individually Paced Math Sequence MATH Math CTY 1980 JHU
Combinatorics and Graph Theory DMAT Math CAA 2004 HAV, SCZ
Mathematical Modeling MATX Math CAA (was CTY) 1995* EST, HAV, HKU, SCZ
The Mathematics of Money MONY Math CAA 2008 BRI, EST, HAV, HKU, SCZ, SUN
Probability and Game Theory GAME Math CTY 1998 CAR, LAN, LOS, SAR
Game Theory and Economics GMTH Math CAA 2009 BRI, HKU, SCZ
Paradoxes and Infinities PDOX Math CAA 2012 BRI, EST, HKU, SCZ, SUN
Geometry Through Art GART Math CAA 2011 HAV SCZ
Mathematical Logic REAS Math CTY 1987* JHU, LAN, LOS
Cryptology CODE Math CTY 2001 CAR, HKU, LAN, LOS, SAR, SUN
Fundamentals of Microeconomics MICO Humanities, Math CTY 2011 CAR, JHU, SAR, SUN
Macroeconomics and the Global Economy MACR Humanities, Math CTY 2010 CAR, HKU, JHU, LOS, SAR
Number Theory THEO Math CTY 1985* LAN
The Mathematics of Competitive Behavior MOCB Math Special 2010 PRN
Advanced Robotics AROB Computer Science CTY 2016 LAN
Foundations of Programming CMPS Computer Science CAA 1996 BRI, EST, HAV
Fundamentals of Computer Science FCPS Computer Science CTY 2001 CAR, LAN, LOS, SAR, SUN
Data Structures and Algorithms DATA Computer Science CTY 1992 LAN
Theory of Computation TCOM Computer Science CTY 2001, 2018 LAN
Introduction to Biomedical Sciences INBS Science CTY 1999 CAR, HKU, LAN, LOS, SUN
Anatomy and Physiology ANPY Science CAA 2011 BRI, EST
Zoology ANSC Science CAA 1996 BRI, HAV, SUN
Biotechnology BIOT Science CAA 1997 BRI, HAV
Fast-Paced High School Biology BIOL Science CTY 1982 CAR, JHU, LAN, LOS, SAR
Genetics GENE Science CTY 1989* CAR, JHU
Neuroscience NEUR Science CTY 1996 CAR, JHU, LAN
Epidemiology, Re-emerging Infectious Diseases, and Pandemics EPID Science Special 2006 PRN
Science, Technology and Public Policy SPUB Science Special 2013 PRN
Chemistry in Society CHMS Science CAA 2000 BRI, EST, HAV, HKU, SUN
Fast-Paced High School Chemistry CHEM Science CTY 1982 CAR, HKU, LAN, LOS, SAR, SUN
Intro to Organic Chemistry ORGO Science CTY 2015 LAN
Fast-Paced High School Physics PHYW Science CTY 1983* CAR, LAN, LOS, SAR
Advanced Topics in Physics: Special Relativity SREL Science CTY 2011 LAN
Principles of Engineering Design EGRD Science CAA 1996 BRI, EST, HAV, HKU, SCZ, SUN
Investigations in Engineering IENG Science CTY 1997 JHU
Electrical Engineering ENGE Science CTY 2004 CAR, LOS, SAR
Astrophysics ASTR Science CTY 1982* JHU, LAN
The Physics of Sports PHSP Science CAA 2013 BRI, SCZ
Introduction to Astronomy STAR Science CAA 2001 BRI, SCZ
Paleobiology PBIO Science CTY 1984* LAN, LOS
The Chesapeake Bay CBAY Science Special 1997 MSC
Whales and Estuary Systems WHLS Science CAA, Special 1996 BRI, MSC
Journeys and Explorations JOUR Humanities YS 1998 ALE, SPE
Toyology TOYS Humanities YS 2016 ALE, GIL, SAN
The Ancient World ANCT Humanities YS 1995* ALE, SAN, SPE
Big Questions BIGQ Humanities YS 2013 CGV, LOS, SAN
Model United Nations and Advanced Geography UNAG Humanities YS 1993* ALE, BRI, CGV, GIL, LAJ, LOS, SAN, SPE, SRF, STP, WDS
Behind the Mask: Superheroes Revealed MASK Writing YS 2017 GIL, LAJ, SAN, SPE
Being a Reader, Becoming a Writer WRDW Writing YS 1995* ALE, HKY, SAN, SPE
Writing Workshop: Modern Fantasy MFAN Writing YS 2006 ALE, GIL, LAJ, SAN, SPE, WDS
Heroes and Villains HERO Writing YS 1998 BRI, CGV, LOS, SRF
Writing and Imagination WRTI Writing YS 1993* ALE, CGV, GIL, HKY, LOS, SAN, SPE, SRF
Math Problem Solving MPSE Math YS 1986* ALE
Geometry and Spatial Sense GEOM Math YS 1998 ALE, SAN, SPE, WDS
Numbers: Zero to Infinity NUMR Math YS 2001 ALE, GIL, HKY, SAN, SPE
Inductive and Deductive Reasoning INDE Math YS 1995* ALE, BRI, CGV, GIL, HKY, LAJ, LOS, SAN, SPE, SRF, WDS
Great Discoveries in Mathematics HMAT Math YS 1998 LOS
Data and Chance DACH Math YS 2003 CGV, SRF
Introduction to Robotics IROB Computer Science YS 2004 ALE, BRI, CGV, GIL, HKY, LOS, SAN, SPE, SRF
Marine Ecology BACO Science YS 1996 BRI, LOS, SRF
Through the Microscope SCOP Science YS 2001 ALE, GIL, HKY, LAJ, SAN, WDS
Examining the Evidence EXAM Science YS 1998 ALE, BRI, CGV, GIL, LAJ, LOS, SAN, SPE, SRF, WDS
The Sensory Brain BSEN Science YS 2001 ALE, CGV, GIL, HKY, LOS, SAN, SRF
The Edible World FOOD Science YS 2001 ALE, GIL, SAN, SPE, WDS
Crystals and Polymers CPOL Science YS 2004 ALE, CGV, LOS, SRF
Inventions INVT Science YS 1997 ALE, GIL, HKY, LAJ, SAN, WDS
The Physics of Engineering SCEN Science YS 1996 ALE, BRI, CGV, GIL, HKY, LAJ, LOS, SAN, SPE, SRF, WDS
Be a Scientist! BSCI Science YS 2006 ALE, HKY, LAJ, SAN, SPE, WDS
Cloudy with a Chance of Science CWIT Science YS 2016 GIL, SAN, SPE, WDS

Defunct Courses

Name Code Subject Type Yrs. of Operation Sites
Latin I LAT1 Humanities CTY 1980-2017 CAR, LAN, LOS, STM
Beginning Ancient Greek GRK1 Humanities CTY 1980-2016 CAR, LAN, STM
German 1 GER1 Humanities CTY 1980-1997 CAR, STM
German 2 GER2 Humanities CTY 1980-1996 CAR, STM
Latin 2 LAT2 Humanities CTY 1980-1989 CAR, LAN, STM
French 1 FRE1 Humanities CTY 1990*-1998 CLN, SAR
French 2 FRE2 Humanities CTY 1991*-1998 GVA, SAR
Spanish 1 SPA1 Humanities CTY 1988*-1989 CLA
Spanish 2 SPA2 Humanities CTY 1988*-1989 CLA
Great Revolutions HIST Humanities CTY 1990*-2005 AMH, CAR, CLN, LOS, LOU, SCH,
Modern European History EUHI Humanities CTY 1984-2007 CAR, SAR
American History AMHI Humanities CTY 1983*-2001 CAR
Eastern European History EEHI Humanities CTY 1997 CAR, LOS
Music Theory MUST Humanities CTY 1995*-2009 CAR, KNE
Japanese Language and Culture JAPN Humanities CTY 1990*-1993 LOS, RED
History of Western Art HART Humanities CTY 1986-2010 JHU, SAR
History of Western Music HIMU Humanities CTY 1988*-1994 CAR
Medieval Art ARTM Humanities CTY 1995*-1996 JHU
Renaissance Art ARTR Humanities CTY 1995*-2000 JHU
Newton, Darwin, and Einstein NEDE Humanities CTY 1998-2001 CAR, CLN, JHU, LAN
Introduction to American Studies: Race and Class AMST Humanities CTY 1998-1999 CAR, CLN
Twentieth Century Art TWEN Humanities CTY 1999-2008 JHU
Gandhi's India GAND Humanities CTY 2000-2004 CLN, JHU
American Studies: The Sixties AMST Humanities CTY 2000-2005 CAR, CLN, LOU, SCH
Ain't I a Woman?: US Social Movements AWOM Humanities CTY 2002-2005 LOU, SAR, STM
American Studies: The Harlem Renaissance HREN Humanities CTY 2002-2005 CAR, JHU, SAR
Intermediate Ancient Greek GRK2 Humanities CTY 2005-2008 LAN
Islam ISLM Humanities CTY 2006-2008 CAR, JHU, LOU, SAR
The Asian Pacific Rim PRIM Humanities CTY 2007-2009 JHU, LOS
The Americas on the World Stage STAG Humanities Special 2007-2008 MEX
Great Writers and Artists of Mexico GWAM Humanities Special 2007-2008 MEX
Contemporary Issues in Chinese Modernization CHMO Humanities Special 2007-2009 CHI
China-US Relations CHRE Humanities Special 2007-2009 CHI
Chinese Philosophy CHPH Humanities Special 2007-2009 CHI
Dynasties of China: Their Rise and Fall DYCH Humanities Special 2007-2008 CHI
Russian History RUHI Humanities CTY 1990*-2013 CAR
Andalus: The Culture and History of Moorish Spain ANDA Humanities Special 2008-2009 SPN, MAD
Politics and Art: The Spanish Civil War SPAW, SPCW Humanities Special 2008-2010 SPN, MAD
Spanish Religious History SPRE Humanities Special 2008 SPN
Introduction to Archaeology IARC Humanities Special 2007-2008 MEX
Mexican Architecture MEAR Humanities Special 2008 MEX
Models of Economic Development in the Americas ECDE Humanities Special 2008 MEX
Introduction to Media Studies MEDA, SMED Humanities Special 2008-2010 TEC
Latin American Political Theory LNPT Humanities Special 2008-2010 TEC
Politics of Trade: The Americas POLT Humanities Special 2008 TEC
Gods, Blood, and Butterflies: An Analysis of Mesoamerican Culture MESO Humanities Special 2009 TEC
Advanced Intermediate Spanish SPNI Humanities Special 2009 TEC
Advanced Spanish ASPN Humanities Special 2009 TEC
Contradictions and Development: A Social and Cultural History of Latin America SHLA Humanities Special 2009 TEC
The Critical Essay: Literature and the Arts WRT2A, WRT4A Writing CTY 1981-2016 CAR, JHU, LAN, SAR, STM
The Critical Essay: Popular Culture WR2B, WR4B Writing CTY 1988-2016 CAR, CLN, JHU, LAN, LOS, LOU, SAR, UNI
The Crafting of Drama PLAY Writing CTY 1985*-2006 CAR
The Crafting of Poetry POET Writing CTY 1987*-2005 CAR, LOS, SAR
The Critical Essay: Shakespeare WR2C, WR4C Writing CTY 1999-2005 CAR, CLN, JHU
The Critical Essay: Science Fiction WR4D Writing CTY 2006-2008 CAR, LOS, LOU, SAR
The Critical Essay: Beyond the Ring and the Wardrobe WR4F Writing CTY 2011 CAR
Memoirs of War MWAR Writing Special 2006-2007 PRN
Images of China: Literature and the Arts CHLA Writing Special 2007-2008 CHI
Politics and Film: Latin America POFM Writing Special 2008 TFN
Literature and the Arts: Surrealism SURR Writing Special 2008-2009 SPN, MAD
Travel Narratives: Written Abroad WRAB Writing Special 2008 SPN
Lecture-Format Geometry GEOM Math CTY 1996 CAR, LAN, LOS, SAR
Linear Algebra LINA Math CTY 1986*-1996 LAN
Advanced Mathematical Modeling AMOD Math CTY 1997-1998 CAR
Advanced Mathematical Reasoning ADMA Math CTY 1990*-2000 JHU, LOS, NOR
Statistics STAT Math CTY 1984-1989, 1997-1998 CAR, CLN, LAN
Calculus: A Conceptual Approach CALC Math CTY 1985-2000 CAR, LAN
Calculus Computer Assisted Instructional Approach CCAL Math CTY 1995-1996 JHU
Topics in Precalculus PREC Math CTY 1998-2000 JHU
Abstract Algebra ABSA Math CTY 1990* LAN
Advanced Game Theory ADGA Math Special 2007-2009 CHI
Applied Mathematics: Game Theory GAMT Math Special 2008-2010 TEC
Set Theory SETM Math CTY 2009 LAN, LOS
Digital Logic DIGI Computer Science CTY 1990*-2000 JHU, LAN
Pascal For Computer Science CPSP Computer Science CTY 1992 SAR
Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science CPS1 Computer Science CTY 1982*-2009 CLN, JHU LAN, LOS, SAR
Introduction to Laboratory Sciences ISCI Science CTY 1991-2005 CAR, CLN, JHU, LAN, LOS, LOU SAR
Archaeology ARCH Science CTY 1983-2008 CAR, LAN, SAR, STM
Ecology ECOL Science CTY 1980-1997 AMH, CLN, LAN, STM
Quantitative Economics ECON Mathematics CTY 1983 CAR
Microbiology MBIO Science CTY 1994-2000 JHU
Selected Topics in Advanced Biology ABIO Science CTY 1986*-2004 LAN
Selected Topics in Advanced Chemistry ACHM Science CTY 1986*-2007 JHU, LAN
Selected Topics in Advanced Physics APHY Science CTY 1985*-1998 LAN
Fast-Paced High School Physics With Calculus PHYC Science CTY 1984*-1994 LAN
Advanced Astronomy AAST Science CTY 1985-1988 LAN
Physical Anthropology PHAN Science CTY 1998-1999 CLN
Advanced Physics: Mechanics MECH Science CTY 1999-2000 LAN
The History of Disease HDIS, HISD, HTDS Science CTY, Special 2000-2016 CLN, JHU, LAN, LOS, MAD, SPN, STM, TEC
Scientific Investigations: St. Mary's River RIVR Science CTY 2002-2005 STM
Oceanography: The Hawaiian Pacific MARI, OCEN Science CTY, CAA 2004-2010 KNE
Genomics GNIC Science CTY 2005-2016 JHU
The Life Cycle of an Island: Hawaii LCIS, HIIS Science CTY, CAA 2006-2007 KNE
Medicine: East and West EWMD Science Special 2007-2009 CHI
Chemical Process Engineering CHPE Science Special 2008 TEC
Engineering Design: Architecture in Spain ARCT Science Special 2008-2009 SPN, MAD
Physics in the Real World PHCS Science Special 2008 TEC
Rocket Science and Beyond ROSC Science Special 2008-2009 TEC
Volcanoes VACO Science CTY 2008-2016 KNE, SUN
Mechatronics MTRN, SPMR Science Special 2009-2010 TEC
Colonial Life CLNL Humanities CAA 1997-1998 BTH
Beyond America BYND Humanities CAA 1997 FRK
Topics in History: The Civil War CWAR Humanities CAA 1996-2005 FRK
The Modern City CITY Humanities CAA, YS 1997-1998 BTH, LOS, OMS
US Environmental History ENHS Humanities CAA 1999 BTH, CHS
Victorian Women VICT Humanities CAA 1999 CHS
America in the Cold War COLD Humanities CAA 2000-2001 BRI, BTH, SCZ
The Making of California MACA Humanities CAA 2000 SCZ
The Civil Rights Movement CRMO Humanities CAA 2002-2005 BRI, BTH, SCZ
Politics of Place LAND Humanities CAA 2004 ASU, BRI
Eastern Philosophy EPIL Humanities CAA 2007-2008 BRI
Creative Writing: Children's Literature CRWR Writing CAA 1996 FRS, TOW
Drama DRMA Writing CAA 1996-2006 BTH, FRS, TOW
Writing and Reading Seminar PLAC Writing CAA 1997-1998 BTH, FRK, FRS, PSD
Public Speaking and Communication PSPK Humanities CAA 1997-1999 BTH, FRK, FRS, PSD
Poetry PTRY Writing CAA 1996-1997 BTH, FRK, FRS, TOW
Writing the History Paper WRHP Writing CAA 1997 BTH, FRK, FRS
Writing American Autobiography WBIO Writing CAA 1999 BTH, CHS
The Short Story STOR Writing CAA 1999-2001 BTH, FRK
Drama 2: From Stage to Screen DRM2 Writing CAA 1999 BTH, FRK
The Critical Essay: Cinema FILM, WR4E Writing CAA, CTY 2003-2012 BTH, BRI, SCZ
Shakespeare in Performance SHEP Writing CAA 2006-2007 SCZ
Math and Music MMUS Math CAA 1996-2005 BTH, FRS, PSD, TOW
Math Workshop MWRK Math CAA 1996-1998 BTH, CHS, FRK, FRS, PSD
Economics: Agribusiness AGRI Math CAA 1996 FRS
Mathematical Investigations MINV Math CAA 1997-1998 FRK
Math and Art MART Math CAA 1997-1998 FRK
Algebra and its Applications ALGA Math CAA 1999-2007 BRI, BTH, CHS, FRK, SCZ
Geometry and its Applications GEOA Math CAA 1999-2010 BRI, BTH, CHS, FRK, SCZ
Probability and Statistics PRST Math CAA 1999 FRK
Chaos and Fractals CHAF Math CAA 2007-2009 EST, SCZ
Microbiology: The Technology of Food Fermentation FRMT Science CAA 1996 FRS
Introduction to Geology GEOI, MINE Science CAA 1997-1998 BTH
Exercise Physiology EPHY Science CAA 1998-2001 BTH, CHS, FRK
Environmental Engineering EENG Science CAA 1999 FRK
Medical Sciences: Pharmacology & Toxicology MDSC Science CAA, Special 1999-2009 ASU, BRI, BTH, CHS, MEX, SCZ
Nuclear Science NUSC Science CAA 2006-2013 BRI, SCZ
World Folklore and Mythology MYTH Humanities YS 1995-1998 ALX, OMS, SAN
Colonial America COLN Humanities YS 1996-2004 ALX, BTH, CHS, NLD, SHD
Civil War Studies CIVS Humanities YS 1993*-1997 ALX, OMS, SAN
The Middle Ages MIDA Humanities YS 1995-2016 ALX, BTH, CHS, NLD, OMS, PAL, SAN, SHD
The Renaissance RENS Humanities YS 1994*-2016 ALX, BTH, CHS, NLD, PAL, SAN
Worlds in Motion: Reform and Revolt in the 19th Century WOMO Humanities YS 1998-2002 SHD
Railroads: Connecting 19th-Century America RAIL Humanities YS 2002 PAL, SAN, SHD
Pirates: History and Culture CDOG Humanities YS 2008-2011 ALE, LAJ, SAN, STP, WIN
Chinese CHNE Humanities YS 2009 LAJ, STP
French FREN Humanities YS 2009 CHS
Spanish SPAN Humanities YS 2009 CHS
The Olympics OLYM Humanities YS 2016 LAJ, SAN, STP
The Art of Writing: Process and Product WRTP Writing YS 1996-1998 CHS
Elements of Drama DRAM Writing YS 1996-2011 ALE, CAL, CHS, LOS, MBU NLD, OMS, PAL, SHD, WIN
Writing Workshop: Where Art Meets Science WAMS Writing YS 2002-2005 PAL
Stories and Poems READ Writing YS 2004-2016 BDA, MTA, NUE, OMS, SAN, STP, WIN
Writing Workshop: Images and Text IMAG Writing YS 2009-2012 CAL, CHS, SAN, STP, WIN
Rocks, Minerals & Fossils ROCK Science YS 1995*-1996 ALX, OMS, SAN
Animal Behavior ANBE Science YS 1996-1999 ALX, OMS, SAN
Bay Ecology II BAC2 Science YS 1997 CHS
Flight Science FLSC, FLSD Science YS 1997-2014 ALX, OMS, SAN
Forest Ecology FRST Science YS 1995-1997 NLD
Meteorology METR Science YS 1995*-1998 ALX, CHS, NLD, OMS, SAN
Bugs and Butterflies BUGS Science YS 1998-1999 ALX, OMS, SAN
Dynamic Earth DYNE Science YS 1995*-2016 NLD, PAL, SAN, SRF
Wicked Art WART Writing CTY 2017 JHU
Writing About Place: The Monterey Bay WBAY Writing CAA 1999-2017 SCZ
Advanced Cryptology COD2 Math CTY, Princeton 2006-2017 LAN, PRN
The Digital Revolution DIGR Writing CTY 2017 LAN, LOS
Playing God: The Ethics of Human Subjects Research PGOD Humanities Special 2018 CAR
Madness and Insanity: A Social History SANE Humanities Special 2018 CAR
You Will Be Offended: Satire, Comedy, and Public Discourse OFND Humanities Special 2018 CAR
Goodwives and Witches: Women in Colonial America GOOD Humanities CTY 1998-2001, 2018 CAR, JHU, LAN, LOS, SAR, STM