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A Blammo spoon from Lancaster 16.1 numbered 210.

Blammo is a popular Lancaster and Easton game, recently adopted at Los Angeles, Loudonville, Baltimore, Saratoga, Bristol and Carlisle. The game is also commonly spelled "Blamo" or "Blamm-o." Two rounds usually occur each session (even if the first/second doesn't finish), but get in early.


The organizer of a game of Blammo is designated that game's "God." They supervises every aspect of the game, including making the list, distributing spoons, keeping track of blammoed players, sorting out disputes, keeping track of who is stalking whom, etc. They also have the ability to Godblammo regular players and remove them from the game, regardless of any otherwise applicable Blammo rules.

Any who would like to play must search out the current game's God, usually in the Alcove during meals. When the game begins, God hands a plastic spoon to and designates a target for each player. The players then go through their daily lives while quietly stalking their targets. Each player must learn to function holding his or her spoon. When a player sees their target without a spoon, outside of designated safe zones/times, they should run up and playfully hit the target with their spoon and yell "BLAMMO!" The target would then be out. The player then has the right to relieve their former target of their spoon, asks who they were stalking, and pursues that target in the same manner. All Blammos should be reported to God, as well as disputes.

Spoons must be held with an active muscle that is not one's mouth. Some exceptions to this are the Holy Trinity and the Blammo Gods at Lancaster. If a spoon is in a grail or Gregory and one is holding either, it counts as holding the spoon. When one is swinging a glowstick, even if it is merely in a circle, one cannot be blammoed. Ravers get a five second cushion before and after picking up glowsticks in which they are safe from being blammoed. One's friend can knock your targets spoon out of your targets hand and you can get them out.

Forewarning (JHU)

Please note that there is no BLAMMO at JHU, due to administrative concerns over safeguarding and time scheduling (JHU's timetable and supervision rules make BLAMMO difficult). JHU does, however, have it's own entirely student-run icebreaker game. Find out more here: OMMALB

On Spoons

A player must carry his/her spoon with an active muscle. This means no pockets, backpacks, tucking it behind an ear, or taping it anywhere on your body. Spoons may be attached to parts of the body, but must still be held voluntarily. For example, if a player duct tapes a spoon to her hand, but does not grip it, it does not count as holding a spoon. At SAR 14.2, the requirement was changed from "active muscle" to "expending effort" in order to reduce ambiguity.

The spoon must be reasonably visible at all times. No hiding it under towels, hats, etc. Hypothetically being able to see it while looking up from under the person does not count.

The entire spoon must be physically held. If parts of the spoon are broken, then those parts must be held voluntarily, although only one part needs to be visible. Tiny spoonflakes or an itty-bitty sliver may be lost without consequence, but a noticible chunk missing equates to the non-holding of the spoon. [Nixxi's Commentary: When I lost the spoon part and only had the handle left, I kept the handle in my mouth like the spoon was actually in my mouth. The person stalking me actually got fooled until I got a new spoon ^__^]

MSham's note: Because of the health office's fears of infection, spoons are no longer allowed to be held in the mouth for an unreasonable amount of time. Glowstringers are safe if they are practicing and cannot hold the spoon in their hands. Violators are Godblammoed. This policy was enforced at LAN 10.2

Player may say "Blammo!" to any person they wish (including kind RAs and students not playing or already out), but a player is only out when Blammoed by their stalker. Debates should be taken to the God of the current game.

06.2 - When the game begins to run over, Rachel took to ousting players with the Jesus staff (which had a spoon taped to it) when they did not have their spoons.

Safe Zones/Times

Ultimately, rules vary by God, but these are good guidelines.

  • One is safe in their own room, although not anybody elses's. (in LAN 16.1/EST 17.1 the blammo gods enforced that one is safe "wherever their mattress is," to make sleepovers safe.)
  • One is safe while in a bathroom and/or sinkroom. (At LOS/EST this was limited to being in bathroom stalls or showering.)
  • One is safe during official dance hours at official dance locations (not Afterdances or while walking to and from dances). The dance official ends immediately after the customary exchange of "Nobody loves you! / We love you!" (Comment: Anything dance related was safe in 08.1, but not the last dance. In 09.1, the "dance=safe, Afterdance =/= safe" rule was reinstated.)[Comment: in LOS, Dances were not safe and many people were blammoed during dances.](Comment: Since the Apocalypse of 2017, only Canon has been Blammo-free at LAN.)
  • One is safe while in the classroom, while class is in session (i.e., breaks are fair game). Players have been known to be blammoed while returning from a trip to the bathroom. [Nixxi's Commentary: One is not safe, however, walking from one classroom to another. Class time and classroom are different. Class in session is really vague. REMEMBER PETE?]
  • One is usually exempted from holding one's spoon in lab activities during which it would be dangerous.
  • One is safe during Activities during which it is unreasonable and insensible to be holding a spoon. For example, Weis Sports would be safe, whereas Naptime is fair game. At SAR, active activities are blammo-free whereas passive activities are not safe. (At LOS, activities are not safe unless one of the RAs in charge says it is.)
  • One is safe after lights out, even if in another person's room for a sleepover. However, one can be blammoed the next morning while still in the room (after 6:00 AM).


Blammo anyone without a spoon who you know is playing, and pretend to be their stalker (fess up before it gets too out of hand).

Blammo your target while they are throwing their spoon up in the air, after they put it down for a split second (this takes very close stalking).

Blammo your target RIGHT after "American Pie" (the dance) ends. (In 09.1 at LAN during the second dance, "BLAMMO!" could be heard all around the Quad right after Daniel Tracht called the Afterdance. A few people were blammoed during the Afterdance as well)

Blammo your target right at 3:01 (Technically you're not in class) [Arugula: This happened to me when Nick Marcou blammo'd me during a late HDIS field trip that lasted 'til 3:15 (It was in a hospital and I was convinced to keep my dirty spoon in my pocket, arggghhh)][in 09.1 all of field trip time was safe]

Pretend to be someone else when you are Blammoed (fess up before it gets too out of hand).

Hold your spoon in your mouth, between your toes, or in other odd places.

Hold your spoon under your arm, making sure it's visible to anyone who looks-which isn't many people. If the spoons are clear this is especially effective for stalker detection.

At LAN.2, if you hold more than one spoon in your active muscles, it's effectively no spoons. You are only protected and able to blammo when you have one spoon.

Get a fake spoon as a backup to carry in your pocket. However, if your stalker does Blammo you while you have your fake spoon, you are still out. Only official spoons issued before the game begins count. Official replacement spoons may be distributed, but this is at the the discretion of God; in this case, only the most recent spoon counts. (Spoons from KiVO at Lancaster were used effectively as decoys during the second round in 08.1 when the spoons were white, but if you had an observant stalker, you were pretty much screwed.) (at LOS any spoon could be used as long as it was plastic. People have been known to buy boxes of plastic spoons from Ralph's on weekend trips and to take some from the cafeteria.)

Wrap/mummify your spoon in duct tape and/or write things on it. Or give it a duct tape cape, hat, earmuffs, humvee, etc. [In 09.1 Elena outlawed this by instituting a "50% rule" meaning 50% of the spoon must be uncovered] [In LMU and SAR 25% of the spoon should be visible at all times] [At JHU 50% of the spoon must be visible for one to be safe.]

Tip for those at SAR: Raving was considered safe, but only if one was actively swinging a glow stick. The majority of the ravers were blammoed while transitioning or while learning a new move. This editor was stupid enough to unknowling lend his glowsticks to his stalker so she could "practice a 3 beat" and was blammoed while reaching for his spoon in his pocket. Keep the spoon in your mouth! (as of 2014.1 Spoons are not allowed to be held by the mouth due to RA safety rules) (As of 18.2 ravers are no longer protected by the rules)

  • Side Tip: If you happen to be chewing a spoon long enough, you can bend it over so that you can hook it on your lip for easy raving. Only clamp down and hold it actively when stalkers are near/you stop swinging your glowstick.

Protip: Keep your stalker away by pretending to be his/her stalker!

Get a friend to remove your target's spoon by saying eg. "Oh, that's not the right way to hold it, it doesn't count" or "Wait what happened to your spoon! Can I see it?" Once removed, Blammo them ASAP.

Slightly more unfair strategies, the legality of which are up to the Blammo god's discretion.

The rules forbid the forceful removal of one's spoon, but the same rule does not apply to glowsticks. Grabbing a pair of raving strings from a target's hand to blammo them is within the game rules.

Blammo someone during a sleepover at 6.01, when most people are probably asleep. Just make sure to wake them up first. This usually requires some planning to jam a locked door, or to have an accomplice in the sleepover. [Note: in LAN 16.1 the blammo gods enforced that one is safe "wherever their mattress is," to make sleepovers safe.]

Force someone to "conceal" their spoon by wrapping their hand in a towel or similar object.

Past Games


Will Colmer presided over both Blammo games in 05.2. The second game's winning title was shared by Iris Hood and Nikka Rosenstein. --Nixxi 19:57, 12 Aug 2006 (MST)


Rachel Todd was God for the extremely extensive first game of Blammo, and taped a spoon to the Jesus staff. She only Godblammoed those who did not have their spoons; however, as the second week's end approached, she took out everyone with no kills, and so on. The 06.2 game was so unbelievably long that it never ended; four people "won." (I declared Lowell the winner because out of the four he had the most kills. ~Rachel) The next game had two Gods, Kai and Rosie, was limited to 42 people, and also continued without close.


Zev presided over both games of the 07.1 session. The first game had 42 people, and was played with straws. This game was ill-played and quickly became two circles of stalkers. The next game of Blammo was with spoons. This game was huge(68 people) and was never finished. Many of the people were in both games of Blammo. This year, there were no "true winners". (Zev would like to say the reason there were circles was not because of the list; it was perfect when Zev checked it over.)

Laney was the main Blammo God of 07.2, although there were one or two unofficial games. The first game of Blammo was limited to 42 people, but so many people were angry at their exclusion that the RAs forced her to either start a new, nonexclusive game or shut down the existing one. People who wanted to be in the second game were supposed to give their names to their RAs. Eventually a new game started, but Laney never received a list of names and is extremely fuzzy on how the new game came about or who was organizing it. EB Saldaña won the 42-person game on the last day, due to the end of camp.

(Also, Laney would like to say that ending up with two circles of stalkers is poor planning on Zev's part, and if everyone used her organization method all would be fine - but she has shared that method only with a handful of people, since otherwise people would be able to actually understand her coded lists.) (Yeah, how do you get two circles?? --Max) (The second game was run by Siri, but it wasn't very organized... nobody reported their kills and a lot of people didn't have stalkers or were being double-stalked. -The Fjørker) (Indeed. When we signed up we were asked if we wanted to stalk somebody random, or somebody on our hall. Given the staggering number of people playing, most of us chose hall-mates, so there were numerous hall-size circles. As of this moment I am still my own stalker. ~Mint Sharpie)

Blammo was also played at CTY CLI SFSU in 2007, in which Peter Treadway was the Blammo God, and Jayme Weber won... it was a completely campuswide game which had a really cool effect... lots of faculty/staff played too. Jayme Weber and Chris Ramsey were known as the "Blammo couple" as they were incredibly intense about it... Chris came in 2nd


  • Due to an influx of former Lancaster students at Siena in 08.1, two games of Blammo were played with spoons during that session, with Becca G. as God. Neither had a satisfactory conclusion.
  • Two games of Blammo were played at Los Angeles in 08.1. The first was a rather small game, led by Maggie G. as God. This ended in a tie, at which point one of the two winners chose to drop their spoon and lose. The second game, with Sarah S(ch). as God, began with a large number of people. In the first day, roughly five people went out. Emma M. won the second Blammo game, and was awarded a chocolate straw. Both games were played with spoons.

Also, two games were played at Los Angeles in 08.2. The first was a game of about 15 people, and Emma was God of that game. Except for three people[Bri, Allegra/Jackie, and Chelsea], everybody was out by the first dance; however, after Bri. "commited suicide"[aka dropping her spoon on purpose], the game continued into Saturday. A dual loss was planned, however, Chelsea, who was in the same hall as Allegra, blammoed her merely an hour before the loss was planned. The second game that was played was God-ed[?] by Lyra, a flying squirrel from LAN.07.1. Many people were blammoed within the first day [the writer of this section remembers blammoing 5 people simply during dinner] but a group of people [even though they knew who was stalking whom] continued playing until the second dance. This time, the dual loss that was planned [between Danika and Chelsea] was actually carried out. They both ceremoniously tossed their spoons up in the air and simultaneously blammoed each other, thereby ending the game. Coincidentally, of the four blammo gods at LOS in 2008, 3 of them lived in the same room, and two of them were flying-squirrels from lancaster. (Maggie and Sarah were roommates, and Lyra was in their room second session. Maggie was also a flying squirrel.)


Elena Karras was Blammo God at Lancaster in 09.1, and there were three games. The first one was fairly well organized, and got down to about 20 people. The second game was only what could be described as a mess, with circles springing up all over the place due to people with the same name and the general craziness of the first weekend when Elena did the target list. Elena eventually declaring that anyone could blammo anyone in the second game who was not carrying a spoon. The third was fine, and even the DRL and some RAs played. (There was much rejoicing when RA Charlie blammoed DRL Scary Matt.) However, midway through the session, the Health Office started confiscating spoons, declaring them vectors for the flu. All games of Blammo were ended on the 2nd Friday by Elena, and everyone still in was declared a winner. One game of blammo was played at the Los Angeles site in 09.1, with Maggie G. as god. It was larger than the games in 2008, but still a fairly small game, with about 30 people playing. It was won by Emily C. during week 2. Sarah Sch. started to organize a second game, but it was called off because of the flu.


This year second session was the first time Blammo was ever announced at second session hall meetings, and this resulted in a huge game, setting a record of 208 players. Sam Fomon started as God, but because of the massive number of people wanting to sign up she soon enlisted the help of Declan Kennedy as co-God, and the game was broken into four smaller simultaneous games. Sam with her mighty Dinospoon ran two, while Declan in his Pedofox hat ran the other two. Many players were told what game they were in, some were not, but overall there was the same mass confusion that always exists in the beginning stages of Blammo. This game, however, came with a bit of a twist. Anyone who has ever played Blammo is familiar with the sound of fifty people asking "Have you ever heard of _____ _____?" This game, Ryan Cebulko wrote down the names of everyone who asked, and he wrote down the people they were looking for. He asked nearly every player in the game, and eventually constructed the entire Blammo list. Called by some the Oracle, he gave information to people who had helped him, and kept the information from those who didn't. He also used his reputation of having "the list" to mislead his own target, who he promptly Blammoed during a chess game in Thomas lounge. As it turned out, second Thursday this year was to be judgement day. Sam and Declan quite mercilessly God-blammoed any players they could find with one or fewer kills. Later on in the day, after receiving a trident fashioned from spoons and duct tape by Jonah Spear, Declan found much joy in God-blammoing the remaining players who didnt have enough kills. The total number of players was blammoed down to a final 20 players, and this was when it got interesting. Sam's roommate Rowan Matney used her magical powers and some colored duct tape to create 18 fantastic characters from spoons, and Sam created two others. Each of these character spoons was given to one of the Blammo finalists, along with their new target. Rather than getting their target's name, though, each player was given a target spoon character, such as Spoongebob or Luke Spoonwalker. By the end of the first day of the all-star game, Ryan had compiled the list of players and their corresponding spoons, as well as everyone's target and stalker. At Passionfruit on the last day, Sam and Declan called up the six survivors: Logan Castrucci, Bobby Pinter, Ryan Cebulko, Katherine Lacey, Helen Tang, and Jess Hui. The two took turns God-blammoing the players based on kill count, and Ryan was named the winner of LAN.10.2 Blammo. The Dinospoon has been passed onto him, as a trophy and as a scepter to be shared with Graeme McGuire next year, as it has been decided that the two will be co-godding the game off 2011.

Novelty Spoons of LAN.10.2: -Spoonderella -Spoon in the Hat -Spoonbledoore -Link Spoon -Artspoon Dent -Jespoon -Luke Spoonwalker -Frankenspoon's Monster -Froto Bagspoon -Rock Lobspoon -Spoongebob -Abe Lincspoon -Spoonzilla -Mickey Spoon -Albert Einspoon -Spoonlock Holmes -Wicked Spoon of the West -Harry Spooner -Neil Armspoon -Jack Spoonrow

Also, a game of Blammo was started in Carlisle 2nd session by a group of former Lancastrians . Max H was the God and he managed to enroll 67 players by going to the meet market and asking random people. However, this caught the attention of the administration and some way or another, they deemed the game too dangerous because it involved "stabbing others intentionally with spoons". The day the round started, plastic spoons were officially contraband. This was met with fierce opposition, especially by nevermores who grew tired of the site's lack of tradition. In their defiance, players carried around their spoons in secret, hiding it from RAs yet still maintaining visibility, which allowed for interesting gameplay. However, the majority of the players were afraid of getting caught and potentially facing disciplinary actions, so they dropped out (without telling Max). By then the game was basically screwed over, with players blammo-ing people who quit. In the end, Max decided to call it off and settle it between the final four players in his own hall by declaring a sudden death in which spoons no longer offered protection. Kevin D. won, with a triple kill by blammo-ing two and then projectiling the spoon to the final player, all within moments after the sudden death was declared.

Baltimore has its own variant of Blammo (there called BLAMMO, in all caps) which first occurred in 09.2 with Sam Goldstein as God. In 10.2 Sam's successor, Trinity (who was also the Empress of Passionfruit) led a session of BLAMMO that had two rounds, the first with approximately 60 people and the other with well over 100. The first round ended in a sudden death, with student Daniel Galvez winning. The second round had no winner, and thus all players were destroyed in the BLAMMO-tical Apocalypse. Both rounds had a variety of players, including students, RAs, TAs, Instructors, Administration, and one lunch lady. Goddess Trinity, during her BLAMMO reign, created the Most Holy and Epic Tome of BLAMMO (see Lexicon) which was passed on during 10.2 Passionfruit to onemore Karl Heinlein.

This year, Princeton had blammo. In 2010 is was presided over by Race Archibold and Benjamin Boult. The game was intense. On the morning of Passionfruit, 8 people remained. Two dropped their spoons and ran for their lives and one was eliminated through a silly voice competition. I believe that left 5 finalists, whom all became God. These included Logan Phillips, Arthur Dashan, Julia Tanaka, and 3 others.


LAN 11.1 had exactly 314 players in a game run by Alex Kohanski, and later, due to the massive number of players and cruel jokes heaped upon him, Rudy Garcia. The game was split up into 6 sub-games, which merged into a 36-person final game in the last week. There were officially 29 winners.

LAN 11.2 had nearly 380 players in a game run by Ryan Cebulko and Graeme McGuire.

CAR 11.2's god was a guy named Carl. He was actually playing, and delegated the administration t an aid named Andrea. He got my roommate.

Some people surrendered because the stalking was too intense.


Sanan "Bob" Venkatesh and Eidan Jacob jointly ran Blammo first session, signing up more than 420 players. They also began "Shirtless Blammo God Time" which soon spread from just the two of them to their whole hall and eventually to the entire CTY Lancaster campus. This soon led to discussions of whether or not chest hair was an active muscle and thus legal to hold a spoon with. All silliness aside, two top players emerged from the 19 finalists of the final game, Michael Ing and Bob, each with six kills. Also, Jerry Zhu was the crowd's favorite. Adam Chang, as punishment for bothering Eidan during sign-ups, was given the target "V", and asked to kill an idea. V was removed from the game as soon as Adam was eliminated by Katie Wolff. Notable blammos also include the Alex chain, in which Bob arranged all players named Alex (around 12) to stalk one another in the game, including at least one pair who were roommates. The most kills overall belonged to player Fysal Alkayyal, who managed to eliminate 7 players before being blammoed himself. Bob and Eidan ended the game at Passionfruit, where they also passed down their spoons to Alexandra Lesnik and Ankita Satpathy, with the hopes they will continue Blammo at Lancaster '13.1 and continue shirtless blammo god time. In addition, Bob put his spoon inside a giant stuffed yellow spoon with a mustache, who was fondly named Gregory.

Blammo for LAN 12.2 had a total of 461 players. It was run by Samantha Ngan and Mindy Cheng. The game was very well organized. Players were given stickers with two letter combinations as to avoid alphabetizing the players names. Purges happened every three days. In the end, the winner was Nicholas Richardson with eight kills total and three in the all-stars round. Runner up was Allison Tielking with eight kills throughout the whole game. The spoons this year were of poor quality and people would constantly ask for new ones. Sam and Mindy went to CVS to buy more spoons during the first weekend. These spoons were later called the "A" spoons because there was an "A" on the front and "Fruit Punch Squad" on the back. These were better quality than the others. 24 spoons were set aside to create the all-star spoons, based on countries because of the Olympics this year. The all-star spoons were given to the last 24 players and Blammo lasted until Passionfruit. Sam and Mindy will also be the Blammo gods in 13.2 and they plan on using the same system as 12.2.

LMU 12.2 was a beautiful year for Blammo. It was entirely student-run, and when I say student run I specifically mean run completely by Mexican Jesus, or just "Jesus" for short. He collected all names and then on his own comprised a brilliant system he saw through to the end. When Social Time came on the first Wednesday, the Holy Trinity which consisted of Fury, Jesus, and Zoe H. (AKA Wozie), stood on the rim of the fountain outside of Doheny and, through a ceremony that turned out to be pretty cult-like (it's alright though, Dane Holding was seen showing off a dazzling smile as he strolled by the fountain), 75 players were assigned spoons due to the metal spoons in the dining hall in the first week. Jesus was God for the remainder of the session, and there were several smiling people left alive when the last day came along.

JHU 12.2 was a messy, disorganized game. Roughly a hundred kids signed up, but soon, many complaints surfaced about how some people were stalking the same target, and a couple people mentioned that no one had enforced the report-your-kill policy. High hopes have been raised in light that Indie Page, nevermore of 2013, will prove herself to be a capable, benevolent and just Goddess of BLAMMO.


This year, SAR.13.1 finally was involved in the wonderful game known as Blammo. Previous attempts to organize one had been made by Gia Rigoli the year before, but this year Blammo was successfully organized by RA Jamie Jung. If you happen to know the definable winner of SAR.13.1, please post.

"Shirtless Blammo God Time" was not performed at LAN 13.1 for very obvious reasons (see the above section). Eric Wan intends on bringing it back next year. Blammo spoons were multicolored.

Also in 2013, over half of the CTY population at SAR.13.2 participated in a camp-wide Blammo tournament organized by the lovely Onemore and future Empress Kimberley (Kimmy) Katz (aka the Blammo Goddess), who attracted interested CTYers with a giant spoon and her warm smile. Second sessioners were also known to fall asleep at ISOs still clutching their spoons in fear of being Blammoed.

The first site wide game was played at EST.13.2 and was organised by nevermores Kyle Eve-Townsend and Braxton Jones. 90 people signed up and some asked to join the second game (which sadly didn't happen). There was no definitive winner, as there were still 17 people left on Closing Day.


A version of this was adopted at Carlisle, called Assassin/Word Assassin as Blammo/Spoons was banned as an apparent "hazard". Rather than using spoons, each assassin had a word that they had to get their target to say. For a first time attempt, it worked pretty well, with an initial 157 people signed up. The first Assassin God of Carlisle was Tony Topol, and the first two Deities were Karan Tandon, and Jason Mickenberg, all 14.1 Nevermores. The first year's winner had to go down to kill count due to 15 people being left alive at the end of the game, and that winner, and next Assassin God was Andrew Javems. We hope to see this continued at CAR 14.2, if some people can take the initiative to organize it.

At Lancaster 14.1, Robby Feffer won Blammo with 13(?) kills. RA Audrey Drewing came in second place with 7 kills. Towards the end, Audrey took to asking people to sacrifice themselves so that she could win. Obviously, this was a bad strategy. Blammo spoons were red.

At SAR 14.2, Kimmy Katz's giant Blammo spoon was passed down to Alex Goodisman who ran possibly the smoothest Blammo game seen at Saratoga yet. Unlike in previous years at SAR, the dining hall was not a safe zone, which resulted in much faster eliminations. However, five people were still left in by Passionfruit, so it came down to kill count, with nevermore Cindy Ge winning with 11 kills. As all the finalists were squirrels, nevermores, or the woefully irresponsible Josh Taranow, Alex and the rest of the nevermores unanimously elected Jake Garso the Blammo god for SAR 15.2, and Kimmy's giant spoon currently remains in his possession. The Spoon is expected to be passed down at Passionfruit with a Spoonicorn ceremony, as was performed at 14.2.

At LAN 14.2, the Book of Blammo was officially introduced as a CTY Blammo God/Goddess Tradition when 14.2 Goddess Sharon Lin passed it down to 15.2 goddess Sam Pancoe along with the Dinospoon "Peter." The Book of Blammo is a handbook for recently appointed Blammo Gods/Goddesses with tips and instructions from past Blammo Gods/Goddesses. The book was created by 13.2 Goddess Ashley Wang.


At LOS session 2, over 100 people were left by the last week (although it's doubtful that many people were still actively playing) and so the winner was the player with the most kills. This was Trisha S., with 8 kills. Also, the RAs had their own Blammo game, which was odd to say the least. The winner of the RA Blammo game was Jon Krauss.

At Lancaster session 1, Tekettay Ludvig (OG Savage) was the winner. Blammo spoons were pink.

At SUN session 2, blammo sign ups were passed out, but blammo was then banned.

At JHU 15.2, BLAMMO spoons came in multiple colors and, eventually, dining hall spoons were given Milo-approved tape due to an underestimate of the volume of campers wanting to participate.


At JHU 16.1, BLAMMO was cancelled by CTY administration. This was met with apathy by squirrels, but outrage from all other campers. The STC asked for it to be brought back, but the administration was very firm and clear on the fact that there would be no room for argument.

At Lancaster, Blammo spoons were Caribbean blue. Oliver "Brick" Reinhardt was declared the winner with a whopping fourteen kills, with RA Asher coming in second place with nine kills. Victoria brought a serving spoon from home (affectionately called Steefanie) for blammo gods to hold when one was not holding Gregory. It should be noted that Gregory is a very fragile old fabric spoon and should be handled with some degree of care. Victoria had to fix some holes in him and add stuffing.

At LOS 16.1, Blammo was hosted by Jalen Sur and Thomas Brooks. The game was delayed for a few days due to a lack of spoons and the laziness of RA Heaven, but started on the second Friday of the session. Targets, however, were given out the day prior to spoon distribution allowing players a "Scope Day" where they could stalk their targets a day before the game actually began. The game ran itself fairly well until it was discovered that RA Rob had screwed up the target randomization inadvertently creating 8 different games of Blammo.

At LOS 16.2, the game once again was decided by number of kills. Jessica Li and Hannah Wang tied for first place, with seven kills apiece. The RAs played a variant of Blammo with socks instead of spoons.

16.2 was the first session where the game was brought to Bristol. It was organized by five guys who attended Haverford the year before.

At EST 16.2, Matt Hom was blammogod and Andrew Crisol was blammo demigod. The game started late, so there were about 10 people left on the last quad time. Likewise, Matt announced the blammo purge, in which NO ONE IS SAFE. Even if one has their spoon they are subject to being blammo'd, and anyone can kill anyone, regardless of target. Tyrone and Jayden were declared co-winners, despite Tyrone being pretty clearly out, but getting salty enough to convince Matt and Andrew that he was blammo'd illegally.

2017 (AKA The Year of The Apocalypse)

At LAN.17.1, the spoons were a wonderful, shining gold. The year had finally come. JHU, the evil overlords of our camp, had decided fun was now dangerous, and subsequently banned blammo. They had valid concerns about stalking, which the students at LAN 17.1 were incredibly open to hear about, and dialogue ensued in LAN between the position holders, the student body, and administrators J*e and Tony. New rules were drafted. After delay and many sleepless nights from the position holders, we finally won. Order was restored to LAN. All is well in the kingdom... for now #2godsnomasters #nobannoforblammo #yourewelcomesession2

At LAN.17.2, blammo returned and it was larger than ever before. The spoons were supposed to be gold but they were actually an unbelievably ugly green. It may have had more rules and regulations to prevent it from becoming as serious as before, but that didn't stop many people from playing the game. Jack Silvers won with 15 kills, with RA Asher Collins coming second with 10 kills. Final Blammo, as opposed to the regular tradition was a free for all, due to the Blammo God's self- proclaimed laziness.


At LAN 18.2, Blammo was organized by Caroline Zhao, who spent most of her time in class on her phone (organizing blammo?). The spoons were a Bermuda Blue, coordinating with the Lunch ID cards. Around 350 people played, and for final Blammo, a new format was introduced, combining traditional methods with Michael Zhang's free for all. Caroline separated the 30 people in final Blammo into three groups (cleverly named 1, 2, and 3). She created a final Blammo theme of Lancaster Traditions, including many positions, iconic locations, canon, afterdance, and all sorts of other traditions. Each person got one of these traditions as their identity. Lists of the groups and spoon names were posted on the arches outside the dining hall. People could only kill within their group, but in the group, it was a free for all. This introduced a new level of strategy to the game, as players not only had to base their kills on whoever had a spoon, but also had to investigate what was written on the spoons. This, however meant that people got less kills. The winner was Chloe Chang, with 13 kills, with runner up Simran Sharma with 11 kills, and a tie in third place between Boris Strots and Benjamin Shaman, with 10 kills each.


At LAN 19.1, the spoons were candy pink and very, very breakable. Final blammo was a free-for-all. The game was unfortunately marred by reports of people sharpening their spoons into shives and purposely smashing other people's spoons. Myrah was crowned winner with a whopping 15 kills.


At SAR 22.2, 110 out of approximately 150 campers played due to the advertising by royalty and announcements at hall meetings. The spoons unfortunately were clear, and this distressed many players as they could not easily see if their target was holding the spoon or not. This then led royalty to instill a rule on future Blammo Gods that the spoons cannot be clear. About halfway through the game, Blammo God Jesse Collins installed terminators. These were players who had previously gotten out, who now could target anyone they wanted, and not get killed themselves. Terminators received white spoons. After the three purges (1,2,3 kills respectively), there were only seven players left, and it was a free for all. Once it got to top 5, it was already last Thursday, so for Final Blammo, on a whim, Blammo God Jesse Collins, created Blammo Dueling. It involved 2 players standing in a circle made by the rest of the camp. Each dueler had their spoon, and the tactic was they must get 2 kills, and to do this, they must "fence" with their spoons and attempt to tap the opponent in the abdomen. This seemed an outrageous end to the game to some. A couple duelers sustained minor injuries, and fencing spoons broke round after round, leaving some duelers with snapped spoons to fight with. The final two duelers had a pact not to kill one another, so Jesse Godblammoed the fools and the title was passed down to the player in third place, who declined it. And so, Jesse sought out a (trust)worthy successor, who was found in Madhavi Ramadas.


At BRI 23.2, 200 out of about 310 campers joined this years game of Blammo. Elan Peng the RA was a former camper, and wanted to bring back Blammo to Bristol (This location had a couple of gap years without this tradition). Madhavi Ramadas and Marianne Moise volunteered to run Blammo and be gods together. They started Blammo on the last Monday of camp, not leaving much time to find a winner (Or so they thought). 81 people got out on the first day, leaving a trail of dead bodies around camp (For legal reasons this is a joke). There was a Purge on Wednesday where people were required to have at least one kill by the end of the day. By Wednesday there were 42 people left. Most kills came from Daniel Iofin, Lyris Shen, Savannah Conway. By Thursday morning there were 16 people left. To find a winner a day before the end of camp, Blammo Duels, created by Jesse Collins were held. Campers battled it out, safely of course, often times reviewing VAR to verify kills. It came down to Daniel Iofin and Vedant Vohra, who had become BROS from attending CTY together the year before. This final duel came down to VAR, and Daniel was crowned the winner of Blammo and knighted as demi-god of Bristol Blammo (We were unable to give him both artifacts).

At LAN 23.2, around 140 joined this game of Blammo. Lucy Halstead was the Blammo God this year and presided over the game well, keeping good track of kills and settling disputes. On the first day of Blammo, around 45 people were eliminated from the game. As each day progressed, the amount of eliminated players began to decay until a purge was enacting, forcing players to get a kill before the day's end. Major controversy arose when a fake account claiming to be the Blammo god declared Blammo to be over to due administrative reasons. This led to a large amount of players being tagged out and Lucy declaring that anyone tagged after the email was sent was not actually out. The perpetrator of this event was never publicly named, although there were a few suspects (such as Vincent Wu, due to his unusual replies to the email). The final winners and top killers were Vincent Wu, Aashna Thadani, and Annie Ehrlich, all with 6 kills. In addition to this, Michael Depolo, Emily Eng, and Nate Haisley also won.

Blammo Gods

Below, Blammo Gods who have resided over games are listed by year, site, and session. Please add any missing Blammo Gods that have previously resided over games.


Session 1:

Session 2:

  • 05.2: Mama Will Colmer
  • 06.2: Rachel Todd
  • 07.2: Laney
  • 10.2: Sam Fomon and Declan Kennedy
  • 11.2: Ryan Cebulko and Graeme McGuire
  • 12.2: Sam Ngan and Mindy Cheng
  • 13.2: Sam Ngan and Ashley Wang
  • 14.2: Sharon Lin
  • 15.2: Samantha Pancoe
  • 16.2: Allie Voltaggio
  • 17.2: Michael Zhang (Will Chu did most of the work)
  • 18.2: Caroline Zhao
  • 19.2: Annabelle Hinks
  • 20.2: Maia Hubscher
  • 21.2: No Blammo God due to Covid
  • 22.2: Jess Rondinella (Blammo was cancelled by admin)
  • 23.2: Lucy Halstead
  • 24.2: Anastasia Komarow and Dina Black (Site closed)

Saratoga Springs

At Saratoga Springs, the session one Blammo God is a member of the Royalty. The relic is known as the Blammo God Crown, a cardboard and duct tape crown with a ring of plastic spoons around it. While all the other three session one members of the royalty have authority over Blammo, the Blammo God's decisions in regards to rules and kills are final. The position of Blammo God is tied to one of the Emperor slots and is subsequently passed down at Passionfruit when naming new Royalty. The relic of the Session Two Blammo God is a giant spoon that was first brought to SAR by Alisha Ukani in 2012.2. Since then, it has been passed down to Blammo God successors in a Spoonicorn ceremony at Passionfruit. For session two the winner of Blammo, if they accept, becomes Blammo God for the next year. If they decline Blammo God is given to second place and so down the line.

Session 1:

  • 13.1: RA Jamie Jung
  • 14.1: Charlotte Keely and Katie Miles (Empresses)
  • 15.1: Griffin Badalamente (Emperor)
  • 16.1: Duncan, Carly, Byron, Viky (Royalty)
  • 17.1: Alexandre Jabor (Mr. Blammo God), Gabe, Kaiya and Zivia (Royalty)
  • 18.1: Nelson Lin (Mr. Blammo God Melon Jr.), Kaiti Filippou, and Daniel Xu (Royalty)
  • 19.1 Robert Sheng (Mrs. Blammo God), Eric Krieger, Gia Mar Ramos, and Noor Singh (Royalty)
  • 20.1 Jack Schaeffer (Blammo God), Max Tanksley, Dorothy Zhou, Neya Kidambi (Royalty)

Session 2:

  • 12.2: Alisha Ukani
  • 13.2: Kimberley/Kimmy Katz
  • 14.2: Alex Goodisman
  • 15.2: Jake Garso
  • 16.2 Maeve Brammer
  • 17.2: Hannah Grauer
  • 18.2: Brooke Avery
  • 19.2: Lav Bloom (given by the elected, Ashley Jakubowicz)
  • 20.2: Daniel Olevsky
  • 22.2: Jesse Collins (Self-appointed due to no one else being willing to take the job)

Los Angeles

Session 1:

  • 2008.1: Maggie G. and Sarah Sch.
  • 2009.1: Maggie G. and Sarah Sch.
  • 2010.1: ?
  • 2011.1: ?
  • 2012.1: ?
  • 2013.1: ?
  • 2014.1: ?
  • 2015.1: None
  • 2016.1: Jalen Sur and Thomas Brooks
  • 2017.1: Nilisha Baid and Zofia Borowska
  • 2018.1: Allison Nguyen, Sloan Sciarappo, and Amanda Nguyen
  • 2019.1: Allison Nguyen, Sloan Sciarappo, and Elise Kim

Session 2:

  • 2008.2: Emma M. and Lyra
  • 2010.2: ?
  • 2011.2: ?
  • 2012.2: Mexican Jesus
  • 2013.2: Caitlin H.
  • 2014.2: Colin S.
  • 2015.2: Cameron T. and Kiki K.
  • 2016.2: Iris P., Jessica Z., and Cameron T.
  • 2017.2: Sydney H., Pearson M., and Anika S.
  • 2019.2: Olivia Wong, Lysander Schmit, and Jocelyn Shek


  • 2009.2: Sam Goldstein
  • 2010.1: None
  • 2010.2: Trinity
  • 2011.2: Karl Heinlein?
  • 2012.1: None
  • 2012.2: ?
  • 2013.1: ?
  • 2013.2: Indie Page
  • 2014.1: ?
  • 2014.2: ?
  • 2015.1: Colin Song and many others
  • 2015.2: Milo
  • 2016.1: Cancelled
  • 2017.1: Banned
  • 2017.2: Banned
  • 2018.1: Banned
  • 2018.2: Banned
  • 2019.1: ?
  • 2019.2: Amanda Chen (hopefully not banned)


  • 2010.2: Max H.
  • 2011.1: ?
  • 2011.2: ?
  • 2012.1: ?
  • 2012.2: Carl
  • 2013.1: ?
  • 2013.2: ?
  • 2014.1: Tony Topol, Karan Tandon, and Jason Mickenberg
  • 2014.2: ?
  • 2015.1: Andrew Javems
  • 2015.2:
  • 2024.2: Annie Ehrlich and Ellie Hwang


  • 2010: Race Archibold and Benjamin Boult
  • 2011: Logan Phillips, Arthur Dashan, Julia Tanaka, ???


Session 1

  • 2017.1: Aja Saldana (Demigods were Austin Szatrowski and Hannah Cohen)
  • 2018.1 Austin Szatrowski

Session 2

  • 2013.2: Kyle Eve-Townsend and Braxton Jones
  • 2014.2: Dean Dijour and Jake Lawyer
  • 2015.2: Matt Hom and James Kim
  • 2016.2: Matt Hom and Andrew Crisol
  • 2017.2: Sophia Phaltankar, Meagan Wong, Phillip Alexeev


  • 2007: Peter Treadway


  • 2016.2: Justin (JZ) Zhao, Haeju Jeong, Justin (Adel) Adel, Sangmin (Sang) Lee
  • 2023.2: Madhavi Ramadas (Mod), Marianne Moise, (Elan Peng{RA}{Supreme Diety})