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* [[User:Sophiewyq|Sophie Wang]] - 17.1 (SUN), 18.1
* [[User:Sophiewyq|Sophie Wang]] - 17.1 (SUN), 18.1
* [[User:jacktowersjack|Jack "The Sweaty Boy" Towers]] - 16.1, 17.1, 18.1, 19.1
* [[User:jacktowersjack|Jack "The Sweaty Boy" Towers]] - 16.1, 17.1, 18.1, 19.1
* [[User:YungD|Dylan Thomas]] - LAN 18.1, 19.1
* [[User:YungD|Dylan Thomas]] - LAN 18.1, CAR 19.1
===Session 2===
===Session 2===
* [[user:Addye|Addye]] - 09.2
* [[user:Addye|Addye]] - 09.2
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* [[User:13electrode13|Isaac Uy]] - 15.1, 16.2, 17.2, 18.2, 19.2 (Rave King 19.2)
* [[User:13electrode13|Isaac Uy]] - 15.1, 16.2, 17.2, 18.2, 19.2 (Rave King 19.2)
* [[User:Atk50|Alex Kaplan]] - 17.2, 18.1, 18.2, 19.1?, 19.2? (Poetry Goddess 19.2)
* [[User:Atk50|Alex Kaplan]] - 17.2, 18.1, 18.2, 19.1?, 19.2? (Poetry Goddess 19.2)
=External Links=
=External Links=

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Site Information
CollegeDickinson College
LocationCarlisle, Pennsylvania
DatesSession 1: June 28 - July 17 | Session 2: July 19 - August 7
Years of Operation1982-present
Avg. Number of Students340
Courses Offered
HumanitiesEthics | Law and Politics in US History | International Politics | Existentialism | Dissent
WritingFiction and Poetry
Math and Computer ScienceCryptology | Probability and Game Theory | Fundamentals of Computer Science | Fundamentals of Microeconomics | Macroeconomics and the Global Economy
ScienceIntro to Biomed | FPHS Biology | Neuroscience | Genetics | FPHS Chemistry | Electrical Engineering | FPHS Physics
See Canon/CAR for a full list.
Site Specifics
TraditionsFirst Friday | Moderate Saturday | Cross-dress Day | Goth Day | Thursday | Love Tape | Big Saturday | Poetry Night | Quiz Bowl | Talent Show | My Immortal | Passionfruit
History95/2 Theses | Veil law | Vertical Rule
GamesKill Murray/Save Murray | Slackjaw | The Game | Silent Football
OtherCouching | HUB Donuts | Rina
Student PositionsEmperor and Empress | Mad Monarch | Jesus | Court Jester | Poetry Goddess | Rave King
Students & GroupsGeorge Hotz | Cult of Godzilla | The Couples' Couch
Famous StaffSite Directors: Bret Kramer | RAs: Ian Hull | Jacob the Jeweler | TAs: Pat Clark | Dickinson: Betty the Cardswiper | Indian Guy at the Library
See The Essential CTY for cross-site articles.
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Carlisle is one of the more well known sites that CTY takes place at. It is second only to Lancaster in terms of number of traditions and number of students, and is perhaps the site with the strongest community feeling. Additionally, it has the largest canon playlist of any site. (See Canon/CAR.)


The Carlisle campus is located 20 minutes from Harrisburg, PA at Dickinson College and is divided into 4 main areas: The Residential Quad, the Anita Tuvin Schlecter Auditorium (ATS), the Holland Union Building (HUB), and the Academic Quad. To see the layout of the buildings, click here.

The Residential Quad

All of the dorms on Dickinson's campus are newly renovated, and relatively nice. Most of the Residential Quad is divided into two parts: Upper Quad and Lower Quad.

Upper Quad consists of Quads 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 - of which 4 and 5 combine to make Superquad. Lower Quad consists of Quads 7, 8, 9, and 10 - of which 9 and 10 similarly combine to make Uberquad. Lower Quad is at the bottom of a small hill (hence the name), and floods badly after any minor rainstorms.

Upper Quad

Quad 1

Quad 1 was a girls hall from 2006-2008 and 2010-2014.1. It housed guys in '09 and 14.2, as well as 17, '18, and 19'. The second and third floors are always used to house students; the first floor, which has a huge lounge, was left empty for years, but began housing students again in '17.

Quad 2

Named after the most inept President (and Dickinson alumnus), it was an all-guys hall in 2009.1. It was home to Mike, Mike, and Dan/Nate/Mike/Clay. After the RA Dan caught pneumonia several days into the session there was much confusion to who the new RA would be, and it was often a new person for every check-in. It was a girls hall in 2010. Guys hall in '11. Girls hall in '12. Guys hall in '18.

Quad 3

Quad 3 was a guys' hall in 08.2 and a girls' hall in 09.2. In 10.1 and 10.2, it was a girl's hall, despite Noah inhabiting the first floor. In '19 it housed primarily frogs.


Quads 4 and 5, or Superquad, was a guys' hall in '08, '11, '12, and '14. It was a girls' hall in '09, '10, '13, '15, '16, '17, and '18. Since it has two adjoining halls connected by the lounge, which is above the Arch connecting Upper and Lower Quad, many activities are held in the second floor of Superquad, in the lounge.

Quad 6

Located on the far side of Upper Quad. Quad 6 was a girls' quad in '08, '09 and '10, with girls inhabiting the second and third floors. The first floor has a big lounge with an odd elevator which rises two feet, but it is left empty. There was a janitor who smoked cigarettes outside the building every morning.

Upper Quad Lawn

Upper Quad Lawn is where Passionfruit takes place.

Lower Quad

Quad 7

Quad 7 was nicknamed "Sewerwater" (its real name is Atwater) after it flooded during session 2006.1. After the flood, the lounge had to be renovated and now includes amenities such as a fridge, stove, and pool table; however, Dickinson does not approve of CTYers being given free reign in the lounge. Also, Quad 7 was a girls' dorm in '09, and yet the bathrooms are clearly marked "MEN," which results in an annoying lack of available toilets. Former home of the awesome RA Doug, and the infamous phrase "Don't Do Dougs". Poetry Night takes place in the area outside of Quad 7. It housed the CTY office on the bottom floor during '15 as well as '17. In '18, the building was closed for renovations.

Quad 8

Quad 8 is a three floored building called "Armstrong". Room 108 leaks water as of 13.1 (first hand experience), but otherwise a good building. Either Room 102 or 103's AC exploded in 15.2. They got it replaced. Fireflies have been known to roam the building (like in other buildings sometimes). Has a nice lounge with a piano, pool table, and kitchen. Boys' hall in 13.1. Girls' hall in 15.2. Due to the closing of Atwater for renovations in '18, Armstrong contained the Main office and Health office.


Formerly a girls', then later guys' dorm, Uberquad (Quads 9 and 10) most recently housed guys in '17. It is very similar to Superquad, only with an additional, lingering smell that cannot be identified. It should also be noted that Superquad's two lounges can see clear down the hallway of Uberquad. Site director Bret was known to live on the ground floor of Uberquad; some were given a tour of his quarters in the "places you can't go" activity. Uberquad 2nd floor lounge is also a place where many activities are held.

NOTE: In 2008.1, one CTY-er named Will got caught miming a sex act with his shirt off by the Uberquad RA. This resulted in a call to Dan, one of the best RA's of that session. The girls of Uberquad have been asked not to interact with said boys... this was as result of some inappropriate interaction of the girls on the 3rd floor, session 1..... Bummer...(Most girls from Uberquad 3rd floor 2008.1 had dance parties with Superquad floor 2 and 3, which resulted in getting yelled at by Quad 9's RA., but not their own).

NOTE: Don't try to look at the people across the road in Super- they WILL see you. Especially don't take pictures of them and submit them to the slideshow, or you'll get reminded not to take pictures without consent by your RA.

Far Quad


Malcolm, an all-boys quad, is far from the rest of the residential quads. It is known for its basement ("no one can hear you scream in Malcolm basement"), which often floods and has mice. Despite the humidity and necessity for industrial-strength dehumidifiers, Malcolm's basement is actually the best floor to be on, since no one can catch you doing anything. There are no large lounges, only smaller ones between each pair of rooms. The unique layout of the dorm (with two hallways instead of one and the bathroom in the middle) as well as the unusually large number of trash cans makes it perfect for games of hallway frisbee or for chasing "counter-revolutionaries" up and down the halls during a communist revolution using a detergent-loaded watergun stolen from your RA. However, this is only the case if that RA is Ian and leaves his watergun out. A common Malcolm mantra: "Malcolm men never get laid." (due to their hassling location)

During the swine-flu scare of 09.2, Malcolm, an unused dorm, was used to hold quarantined campers until they could be picked up. The cries still reverberate through those halls. One camper was inspired to write a poem comparing Malcolm to Auschwitz. Malcolm closed for renovations in '14. As of '15, Malcolm is open, housing boys. Starting in 15.1, the phrase "Malcolm is for sinners" was popularized following the Poetry Night exploits of one Henry Simonoff. In '18, the dorm became used by the Institute for Advanced Cultural and Critical Studies.


Very similar to Malcolm - It housed girls prior to 2014 but as of then it is a boys dorm.

Kisner-Woodward Building (KW)

Neighboring KW lawn, the guidance, nurse, and administrative offices were located here. There are also four residential halls, which are located in two separate towers (KW A and KW B). Most of the dorms in KW are singles. As of '15, KW was closed for renovation. The guidance, nurse, and administrative offices were moved to Quad 7. As of '18, KW was used as a dorm for six residential halls.

KW Lawn

KW Lawn is where many activities meet before they begin, as well as where some take place, and includes several trees and a beach volleyball court.


The Holland Union Building (shortened to HUB) is one of the most important places on Dickinson's campus. It is where all meals are served (with HUB potatoes served every meal), and where Betty worked, her place now taken by other cardswipers. The HUB is accessible from both the Academic Quad and Residential Quad. The upper level contains the cafeteria, the ID office (where lost meal cards are replaced), a large conference room, and several large couches outside of the cafeteria.

HUB Potatoes

The HUB is famous for (usually) serving at least one potato-based dish with every meal. For a short time after camp, everyone goes through "fried potato product" withdrawal. The jokes during the 10.1 Talent Show basically were only about HUB potatoes, including an interpretative dance. CAR kids love the potatoes so much that the RAs who wrote the weekend schedules made this haiku in the second session of 2004:

Dinner time is here
feel your stomach clench in fear
potatoes draw near

This is because there is a large room in the back of the kitchen, never seen by CTYers, containing the POTATOR. The POTATOR is a giant potato that spawns whatever potato dish is required that day. For mashed, a section will fall off and liquefy. For baked, little normal-sized potatoes will pop up and fall off. Other forms of potato flesh are procured in similar manners. POTATOR regenerates itself and will never die.

According to another weekend schedule during that session, HUB potatoes are people, and were sacrificed to Godzilla in place of human flesh by the Cult of Godzilla.

HUB Potatoes were not that good, honestly (19.1)


The KOVE, short for "Kosher+Vegan", is a station in the HUB, and is a lifesaver for vegans and those who have Kosher diets. The KOVE serves lunch and dinner on Sunday through Thursday, lunch on Friday, and is closed on Saturday. The line for food here is usually very short, which means that unlike those who wait in the main line, you don't have to spend half of Dinner getting stuff to eat. However, if the KOVE is serving something very popular, such as potatoes, then the line can be quite long. The food served is always kosher though not always vegan.

The Lower Level

The HUB is separated into two levels, connected by an atrium with a spiral staircase. The basement of the HUB offers multiple venues, such as:

  • The Dickinson College Bookstore, which sells office supplies, CTY class books, CDs and DVDs, Dickinson apparel, and various other memorabilia. Don't forget that masking tape.
  • The Devil's Den, a convenience store named for Dickinson College's football team (the Red Devils). The Devil's Den, in addition to selling convince store food (such as Monster energy drinks and candy) sells hygiene products, greeting cards, medicines, college student miscellanea (such as crepe paper and ping pong balls) and movie vouchers. They also sell contraband merchandise like condoms, flashlights, and Cheez Whiz, as well as odd things only college students would need, like ping pong balls and streamers.
  • The Underground, a sushi bar that is closed during the summer. The quality of the sushi sold here is currently unknown by CTYers.
  • Lots of comfortable couches and chairs, useful for playing card games, listening to music, taunting the Rinas or making out when RAs aren't looking. My Immortal readings are also held on the round couch in the center of the room after breakfast and lunch on weekdays. There are also 2 computers which are not available for CTY use. In 08.2, a rumor circulated that the computers were not available because a previous user had hacked the system and set the language to Flemish, but the origin and validity of this rumor are both unclear.There was a similar rumor in 06.2; one of the RAs(Ian) mentioned how someone hacked into the computers.

Note: This is not the reason we are disallowed from using the computers, however, it is true that a CTYer did hack the computer system and change the language to Flemish. This may have been in Carlisle, or in Lancaster, but it occurred in 2003 or 2004.

Honey Sticks

Available in the Lower Level's Devil's Den, Honey Sticks (also known as Honey Stix) are many a CTYer's snack of choice. The power of the stick is so strong that they have been known to convert previous honey haters to the right path. Basically, they are 30 cent straws filled with that sweet, sweet clover nectar. Though some may claim that they're too sweet to eat more than one at a time, it is very easy to absentmindedly suck several straws dry over a short time period. Technique may vary from person to person, but generally, CTYers bite off the top of the straw or pinch it against its seam with their teeth to open. Kids with a bigger honey stick problem than most can also be seen opening the opposite end to squeeze every last drop out.

There have been a few occasions in recent memory wherein a younger student buys out the whole stick shipment and sells each one for 50 cents. Allegedly, Livi Quiroga made a $20 profit in her first year. Honey sticks are also used to remedy lost voices and otherwise sore throats, since cough drops are contraband.

However, honey stick addiction is serious, albeit delicious, problem. During 18.2, Caroline Reed escalated her struggle to the point where she ordered a shipment of 50 honey sticks to her dorm and was done with minimal sharing within 3 days. Her classmates tried and failed to help. She was too far gone. In a similar vein of consumption, many campers eat mass quantities of stick in short periods of time and have subsequent sugar highs accompanied by shaky hands and sugar lows. This is all in good fun, as long as you remember to recycle your emptied honey sticks.


The Anita Tuvin Schlechter Auditorium is equally as important as the HUB, if not more so. It is a large, strangely shaped auditorium that can comfortably seat an entire CTY session at once. For example, on July 8th, 2009, during Session 1, students were summoned to ATS prior to classes where the site director Brett then informed them that CTY was closing Carlisle's Session 1 due to a flu outbreak. All of the four dances are held there as well as the Talent Show, Quiz Bowl, opening and closing ceremonies, and large activities like Starcrash. When spending time in there, it is best to bring a sweater, since the AC is kept extremely low; however, if you're there for a dance, the less clothes the better as it turns into a sauna. In addition to the rocking dance floor, there are seats that swirl. The infamous Starcrash viewing takes place here.


Kline is a fitness center on the Dickinson campus. It is always offered as an activity for both periods, and is where people go if the activity they chose does not have enough participants. A person can go to chill on the couches, exercise, hang out with friends on said couches (or floor, chair/table combo, open space) or in the sketchy hallway. There is also an indoor track, basketball court, tennis court, racquetball/squash courts, and an upstairs dance studio that the ballerinas use on occasion. There is also a swimming pool, which is reserved for a separate activity. The RAs supervising are generally lax and rarely interfere.

Students with the last name of “Kline” have often been asked whether they are in any way related to the building. The answer is usually no, but one CTYer was allegedly related to Mr. Kline.

The Academic Quad

The Academic Quad is where most of CTYers spend their mornings and afternoons, in class. The buildings CTY occupies are East College, Bosler, Tome, and -accross the street- Denny, as well as the Rector Science Complex located a block away. There is a large lawn filled with large trees, the statue of Ben Rush and Dickinson's signature red ADIRONDACK chairs. The Quad is located directly across the street from one of the HUB's entrances. Students in certain buildings leave for class at 8:35, as their classes start 15 minutes earlier than the rest of the camp. Due to this, they get to lunch at the earlier time of 11:45, slightly avoiding the rushes of lunch. As of 2014, the buildings starting classes early were Denny and East College, but former such buildings include Dana, Bosler and Wise.

The statue of Benjamin Rush, the founder of Dickinson College, is a good place to sit and indulge in worshipping of Ben Rush. According to RA Abby, an alumna of Dickinson, many drunk college boys pee on that statue. Surrounding the actual statue is a raised stone circular bench thing, that probably wasn’t intended as seating. On chillier days, the stone bench is usually nice and warm. The red Adirondack chairs or around the flagpole, both on Academic Quad, are nice seating options as well.

Waidner-Spahr Library

The location of many study halls. It boasts high ceilings and study rooms equipped with internet access as well as tables, couches and floors to do reading from. At the entrance, the Dickinson Library mermaid…or rather, merman, a bronze weather-vane, is displayed under glass. The sheer size of the Library makes it a good location to take an impromptu study break and frolic among the stacks, perhaps browse the over-sized books section. The air conditioning is usually cranked up so bring a sweater, especially when it gets cold after dark.

Enviable places to sit include East Asian Studies Room, which is replete with a Japanese screen and fake rocks, but usually closed to study halls. The Nest, although anti-climactic compared to its name, is a comfy overlook next to a fireplace. Classes meet to go into study hall in front of KW, sitting on the benches or the wall next to the library. Breaks usually convene at the patio near the entrance, where there are tables with umbrellas.


Car Shows

The City of Carlisle holds car shows every Sunday, and classic cars can often be seen driving past the campus.


A great frozen custard stand, Massey's is just down the block and some halls go there occasionally, usually during Meet Market or Activity Periods (usually 2). Trips are rewards for good behavior, clean rooms, quiet weekends, and making sure to follow rules. Teachers and RAs must take students over, they can’t go alone. Everyone loves trips there even if they don’t like the treats. For those who don’t have the shakes or ice cream, Massey’s sells lots of bouncy balls or puzzle balls for a minimal fee of 25 cents. Great if bored in one’s own hall. There isn’t any indoor seating in Massey’s or much standing room either, so halls end up sitting on the curb outside. Lots of CTY-ers also travel here after camp is over, before their parents pick them up.


a pizza place/popular destination for hall bonding.

Regal Cinemas

Near Walmart, it is a 15-20 minute walk from campus. Students get to watch a movie of their choice there on ModSat.

Former Off-Campus Offerings

The Quarry

The Quarry is a coffee shop similar to Starbucks...but better. It is located near the academic quad. It has a bunch of couches and chairs upstairs, and foosball tables in the basement. Some teachers and RAs take CTYers there as rewards for good behavior.

Casa Mani

An Italian bistro, Casa Mani is farther from from campus than Massey's, but sells delicious gelato and desserts. At least one group of students has visited it, but it is still a relatively well-kept secret.

Four-Star Pizza

Home of the cheapest pizza in Carlisle and the driver of the infamous pizza-car of death. Featuring the gigantic 'General' sheet pizza, capable of feeding four to six hungry guys after lights-out. A commonly held legend about Four-Star Pizza was that only returning students had the intestinal fortitude to withstand the pizza. Went out of business circa 2001.

Classic Rags

A downtown vintage clothing shop. Burned down (arson?) circa 1999.

White Mountain Creamery

While Massey's features great custard, the White Mountain had the best homemade ice cream in the area. Known for their eight-inch tall waffle cones and three scoops of icy goodness. Burned down circa 2000, the space is currently occupied by Kimberly's Cafe.


  • Meet Market, basically: social time after study hall. You're only allowed by the quads. RAs walk around with flashlights and will constantly shine them at you if you are alone with someone of the opposite sex. It starts at 9 and ends at 10. During Carlisle 10.2 meet markets, RA's were known to go around to the circle of couples (primarily from Ethics B and other friends) and perform 'hand checks' where everyone was required to hold their hands above their head. El Douche, aka Mussalini, was famously known for banning laying down which upset the entire camp, but remains a rule to this day
  • Kill Murray/Save Murray - the only game in which you can use "Dick Cheney" and "Good thing his helmet runs on hamster-power" in the same sentence. Unfortunately, no more Cheney, as political humor has officially been banned :( Run by Matt and Drew. Chuck Norris is also a favorite (despite the rule "No Chuck Norris").
  • Most RAs being annoying at end of Meet-Market: At the end of every Meet-Market, the RA's are called to the alley. They stack their hands on top of SRA Mike's head, and then they break up shouting "Go home!" telling CTYers to go back to their dorms.
   Edit: it actually used to be much worse. In fact, the RAs used to sing at us to get us to go back to our dorms. :O 
  • Starcrash, one of the best/worst movies from the "let's all try to be Star Wars! era" in film history. Shown once a session, it spawned such great lines as "Imperial Battle Ship: halt the flow of time!".
  • My Immortal, a terrible Harry Potter fanfiction that is read every weekday breakfast and lunch in the HUB basement.This is lead by the Court Jester, a monarch position created officially at the end of 14.2. (Session 2 Only)

  • Steve, a golden lion tamarin hand puppet, who is site manager, and RA to everyone (including the RAs)

Special Days

Defunct Traditions

While no longer currently observed, these were notable at the time, so they remain preserved here.

  • Betty Negley. "Hel-lo! (sometimes pronounced Heh-do) ::swipes card:: Thank-you!" ((what's especially funny is hearing her try to fit "good morning" into two syllables)). Betty gets extremely, mind-bendinly hulk angry when kids try to sneak out beverages for Passionfruit. A sight to behold. Betty's wrath can also be awakened when she sees people playing with their food (i.e. putting tea leaves in milk). If you are nice enough, she might let you take a picture with her... Other card readers include Doris Brion, Leona Teeter, and the creepy guy with the big ring. As of 11.2, Betty Negley had quit her job; The Couples' Couch purchased, signed, and sent her a goodbye card. Her place seems to have been taken by Doris, for whom a group card was signed by a lot of people at Nathan Pugh's initiative in 14.2
  • Signing yearbooks with "Have a Bocongalicious Summer!" during the last few days.
  • Superquad was the spawning area for both the Bluejays gang and their eventual rivals, the Phoenixes. The adjoining nature of the halls made it easy to carry out "Bluejay/Phoenix runs," where the attacking hall would run up and down the defending hall shouting the name of their gang and making their hand symbol. By 2008.1, the violence had died down, however a rivalry between quads 4 and 5 remained on the second floor, having been started after a conflict involving the stealing of furniture from the shared lounge area. This conflict carried on throughout 08.1, and was characterized by each sides use of duct tape on the doors of the other. On the third floor, there was a giant glow-stick fight on the last night. Quad 4 managed to grab all the glowsticks, throwing them at Quad 5. Clay, an evil SRA who had been patrolling that night, came in and yelled at Quad 5 immediately after Quad 4 threw the glowsticks.
  • RA Ian's former activity (he now works with the Census Office) involving his horrible medical history. Those easily nauseated beware (it's usually right before dinner...)
  • Fun-Free Friday: the second Friday of the session, all activities offered are made to sound incredibly boring/otherwise awful, with names such as The Worst Activity Ever (sometimes known as "Don't Pick This Activity!"). Always done, sometimes these activities are horrible, other times they are amazingly fun.


This section was organized by Ross, so please don't mess it up. That would be like pouring milk on something that doesn't like milk. It's sorted by session (1st, 2nd, or both), then by last year at Carlisle, then alphabetically within that year. Names are provided, userpage links are appreciated, as are the years/sessions attended at Carlisle, and positions served (i.e. Emperor, Empress, Jesus, or Poetry Goddess). Years with question marks following, such as "11.1?" may be added for those planning ahead, as appropriate.

Session 1

Session 2

The Couples' Couch - 10.2, 11.2, 12.2 (DEFUNCT)


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